It is two diver watches that I bought a while ago and put on my wrist for a while.

Chrono model on the left side of the image Chrono model on the right side.

Let's talk a bit about brands.

The WENGER brand is not well known in Korea.

It's a brand that's better known as Swiss Carl brands like MacGyver Carl.

The outdoor market is selling these things and watches are also selling these days.

The entry-level brand for Switzerland is Tissot ...

Theses are also affordable but cheap

At least 40 to 500 thousand won for diver watches.

It's not very expensive, but it's not a cheap price either.

If you do not know the clock often worried?

One of my thoughts

I want to buy a Swiss watch, but it's a little expensive.

I do not like the Japanese clock, but somehow cheap image?

I thought it was an acorn key recovery anyway.

Anyway, I think that such a reasonable brand.

The chronograph model on the left

The size is 43, so it's not small.

It is good to wear silicone band.

Silicone band nylon band One of these problems

Because of the feeling of tightening the wrist on both sides

There are a lot of people who do not like the feeling of wrapping their wrists, but the feeling of locking their wrists tightly.

It is a soft and quality silicon band.

There is an oblique line inside the silicon band.

He does not stick to his wrist.

For the right-hand model

The size is actually the same.

The bracelet is not rubber but a watch strap.

That's one of the reasons I personally recommend it.

It is not a solid band, but a hollow tin band.

Is not it a cheap band if it's a tin band? I can talk about it.

It looks unusually like a solid band from the outside.

If it's not a luxury watch anyway

When I watch the clock, I attach great importance to comfort.

Because it's a can of band,

The watch is lightweight and consequently it is not heavy, so it is comfortable to wear.

There are quite a lot of people who do not watch because they have a heavy clock ...

The brightness of the light is unfortunately not as bright as the Japanese watch, but ...

This is the brightness of the Japanese watch in the first place,

The quality is good.

The basic specifications are both


Case size is about 12mm thick 43mm

The lug size is 22mm. The lug to lug is 52mm.

The glass is sapphire coated mineral glass.

The price is 30 ~ 500,000 won for official homepage

As always, if you look online

It is much cheaper than that. 20 ~ 30 thousand won ??

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