SONY Powered by AI

SONY Powered by AI

In fact, the photos related to the SLR club, but I do not know the event came up a lot of the same posts

I was uploaded here because I thought that it would be possible for more people to see what I posted on Clint.

A disposable Kodak camera packed in a bag for every school trip

I used Olympus mu with a sliding door that gives satisfactory feedback.

Suddenly I get into the video and carry Panasonic camcorders everywhere

After the appearance of Android smartphone, I am surprised at the development of the phone car performance.

I thought I needed a camera on my trip, so I went to a cheap Canon jumper.

At some point, I feel that the post-processing of the smartphone is better than my correction,

Still, the camera is better when I print it, but I am using full-frame mirrorless and smartphone.

Oh, I bought a 360 camera, and I see - I wish I could put it back in use later.

Anyway, as you can see my camera usage pattern,

It is a shameful beginner even if it is said that it is a photograph of a hobby writing just before. I do not know what to shoot

I just push the shutter in front of you. So all that remains is flowers, bobs, and pets.

The current camera is Sony's A7III, which is a blessing camera for the same kind of bandit.

  1. The battery lasts for a very long time = It does not stretch even when it is filmed (digital / mirrorless)
  2. The autofocus is really well captured = I can focus on the position I want even if I just press it (half of the old photographs 26 shaken)
  3. Anti-shake, strong against low-lightness = impatient personality and crushing hands, but pictures are calm and clear

There will be a degree. What a miraculous way to describe the benefits of Sony's next-generation full-frame mirrorless in this seminar.

The lecturer mentioned similar advantages.

Recently, Sony has updated Eye-AF with the companion animal. In simple terms, Smartphone is equipped with all-in-one facial auto recognition + focus

Nowadays, the camera has developed one layer to focus on "eyes". This is Eye-AF, and it applies to companion animals such as cats and dogs.

It is an update. Half of the pictures we've taken so far are animals (zoos, birds, pets, street friends, etc.)

I came close. Usually when I take an animal picture, I often focus on the popping Kona coloring mouth. Update

As soon as it was announced, I applied it to the dogs at home, but unlike before, my nose was blurred and my eyes were clear.

Anyway, in celebration of this update, I think Sony is doing pilgrimage seminars around the country. I finally got a seminar in Seoul

I applied for a seminar at a dog cafe in Hongdae. I have been involved in Sony camera seminars / workshops

(A9 / 135mm lens) I took a picture taking lecture, but there is no one to take a picture.

I'll just tell you about it.

If you have taken a lot of pictures of your pet (maybe a big camera but a ponca)

It's different from what I felt and what the professional photographer pointed out. What you learned during the seminar.

  1. When shooting a companion animal, the shutter speed first

  If you know the basic operation of the camera, the fact that the shutter speed (S) is more important than the depth (A)

Do you know? Nowadays, I can set the shutter speed and the aperture value by using the smart mode as well as the pro mode, and if the shutter speed is set to about 1000, it seems that the dog is well loaded. I'm an auto mode admirer (= beginner)

I realized that my puppy was well behaved, so I realized that I saw puppies who ran hard in the cafe.

Continuous / tracking focus is focused on AF-C when the focus is moved within the screen.

I think you can think in the same context because it is part of the inside.

  1. Take pictures at the animal's eye level

 My dog's pictures of our dogs are always top-down, looking down. Obviously our eyes and ponca are on top.

The puppies are on the floor. So I am only seeing the back of the day when I was fictitious. It's an angle we often see

It can be as natural as it is. When you take a picture of a companion animal, lean your back, take the camera down to the puppy's eye level

When I hit it, I feel another. Have you ever been more equal to a friend who lives in your pets? It's a feeling.

In the recent Pokémon game, when the main character talks to the little characters, he always tucks his back and talks about it.

It was a small detail, but impressive.

In addition, I was impressed with the lens that I use when taking a pet. Similar to portraits, when you shoot a background with a telephoto

While I feel something good (?), While when I take a companion animal with a wide-angle lens,

It is also possible to produce interesting movies.

Telephoto (everything happens when you take a telephoto, really)

Wide angle (f1.4 is shallow depth, but it blows out even though it is light.

  1. Lack of skills? Eventually, the equipment and model are sucked.

When I attended the seminar, I asked him to bring the camera. Go to the cafe and go with the high-end model A7R3

Flagship model A9, and high-end GM wide angle, telephoto, and zoom lens. Especially in the case of A7R3,

It was 80 megapixels in RAW size, but when I came home, I saw it in the puppy puppy. There was a 24mm f1.4 GM lens

If you look at the pictures you see, you can use them just as well.

I wanted to be a big help.

And the puppies that were with me were so cute ... Rover and the white ladies run around in the sky,

While the eye-af grasped easily, the nigger was similar to the eyes and body, and unfortunately the focus was caught in the nose.

If you look at pictures taken by your friends during high school excursions, you can see that they are well out of the photos taken with that bad folder phone.

There are photographs, and the best thing about them is that the subject is very handsome.

Or once again I realized I should have a good model. ㅜ

Although I had a model shooting part that took advantage of A9's great AF / speaker function led by regular writer's artist,

I went to pursue it with a heart of studying. To the artist who made a map in the sun and to the model who was busy with the request

I would like to express my gratitude.

We used the Panasonic camera for a while just before writing Sony Full Frame, and each maker prepared seminars / classes for users

I have been studying a lot and I have been studying a lot, especially Sony, like this free event classes at the Sony Academy, paid seminars

Monthly. It is as if the current writers and Sony staff are preparing for you.

It is highly recommended if you use Sony products because you have good contents.

Well I do not know how to finish it .. If you like a picture and you have a wallet, buy A7R3. Buy a 135mm GM lens.

And upgrade your computer if necessary. I am happy at the moment of taking the picture, but when I come home and review the pictures

A smile will be made. I do not have the money, so I am happy with the A7III as a basic lens.

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