Sony Organic Glass Speaker lspx s2

Sony Organic Glass Speaker lspx s2

Unlike S1, S2 did not stop.

It costs about KRW 130,000 but it is 578,000 won as an unfolded electronic diffuser.

It is much more expensive than Japan, and I can get about 40,000 yen in Japan.

(I got two copies of the original two weeks ago.)

Products that come to Korea once are missing Sporty Connect in China.

It seems like the sporty pie is not making it into the country.

If you listen to foreign music sources frequently, it is a very bad feature.

The output is low, so it is good to use near pie and emphasize that it is omnidirectional. But if you want to enjoy it properly, you have to adjust your ear height in the middle, middle, and high range, and adjust the speaker position to some extent.

Candlelight mode is a delicate and clean tone that you can mistake for a warm tone.

It is called "organic glass glass speaker" because it is a proprietary technology that three vibrators are arranged at 120 degrees and resonates with organic glass.

Zinc die-casting process is very heavy.

The existing s1 is big and the output is good, but now it is 15 pro heavy.

The glass part takes up half of the length, but it looks less than 100g, but under the housing part only 1kg.

This part is rather praise part, but it does not have any complaints, it reduces the center of gravity and minimizes the amplitude of the passive radiator, so the reverberation is low and the expression power is also good.

It seems to give up the weight for the maximum quality that can be produced in this size.

Extreme low frequency is not a problem of size

If you want to feel even a little stronger, you should have a cherry pie. Even at 25 centimeters of volume, it is good to have volume control so that you can raise it to 8 ~ 9 steps by 15 steps.

It is very close to 60hz as Sony official specification.

The executive from the 3.5-inch mid-woofer seems to come out clean, without coloring, and it's not so easy to say.

If you look at the high frequencies that this product stands for

The first generation Saundinaki, which was developed in 2005 and released in 2008, was 186cm in diameter and 120cm in glass.

It is the third generation product after miniaturization.

The length of the glass tube is only 140mm, so it is sprayed everywhere like pesticide spraying.

Compared to the old Intimus reference that my brother used, the clarity is also directional, so the Intimus is definitely good, but the resolution seems to be ahead. (The clarity of the earphones is better than the earphones.)

For instance, if Intimus is feeling the hi-hat splitting into 4 levels, this is the 5th step.

A fine shaker or tambourine in the background is fine. (Boss revolver I listened to, sound link 2. It expresses clearly better than Beo 17.)

The executive is not just a star,

The sound of the voice and the harmonics of the instrument sounds good.

I bought two units to listen to stereo, which is good for one mono configuration and a bigger wall.

I'm lying down in bed pie or leaning low and listen to it in near pie, but the surround feeling is quite unique.

I can not hear the sound from the speakers, and the sound is coming out around my head. The vocal is a little ahead of the crown. The drum was on the side of my ear ... I woke up at first to wear my hand to hear the sound, but the problem was that I do not like the location ..

Now let's review the fatal flaws of this product.

  1. It is difficult to carry outside. It is quite long and heavier than I thought.

Once there is no dedicated pouch. Organic glass does not break, but is anxious. For example, if you have a reason to like it and you want to get at the table, you can be harvested if you are one of them.

  1. Ldac 990kbps The best sound quality is broken and can not be heard at 660kbps (indoors ..) ApTX is not supported.

When two stereo wireless connections are made, the Ldac is unlocked and connected to the SBC.

  1. Microphone type 5 pins, charging is slow. It takes up to 8 hours to fully charge and takes 5 hours.
  2. I hear the peculiar feeling of the glass when I listen carefully to the high sound part. I feel alienated.
  3. There is only AUX terminal. Wired connection Stereo It is inconvenient to listen, and it sounds like crazy when you do not hear it while charging.

It is possible to use the auxiliary battery for about 90% of the fans.

  1. High price .. Unconditionally, I have to play 2 stereo. Any speaker is worth as a speaker. Personally I think kef lsx 1.5 million won and equivalent, x300a wireless used all set is 50 ~ 550 thousand won. It is the worst of carrying outside. I like people who listen in various ways in Indian language but it seems that there is not much demand. I am only three ways to bed pie. For the desk. There are 6 different methods for BGM and we are listening in 4 different ways.

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