Pasta House Visitor

Pasta House Visitor

I arrived at about 12 o'clock a bit ago,

You can check the number of people in each group, and if you sit in your seat, you will be guided to the next team.

The store was a small size with about seven tables with two seats and one table with four seats.

(Pictures are already in the store because there are many guests ;;;;)

The menu was not inexpensive when considering Hongdae,

There is a 1 hour challenge menu. I do not know how much this is, but if you succeed, you will get a couple (!) Meal right.

The staff who received the guidance and the order were very very kind and told me that they came to see the internet. (Mourning for staff ...)

We did not show it on the menu plate, but when adding a menu for 1 person, the addition of the face is free.

And if you drink carbonated, you get 400 won for an infinite refill; It seems to be a very good policy ^^

When ordering, salad first comes out like that .... taste was good;

I ordered an extra version of bacon tomato pasta. I made a shrimp tomato pasta, but before I took a picture, I was already in a meal mode so I just took my own. -_-)

The sheep were more ample than the view, and the cotton seemed to be boiled with a slight hard feeling.

The texture and sauce was not bad, and the uncle who went with him said that it was okay.

If there is something unusual, the smell of pepper is stronger ...

If you do not like peppers, you may have to tell them in advance.

I feel sorry for the fact that I did not have any bread that was garlic bread.

There are only men on the side that can be eaten with a cellar or with a liquor sense.

How would you like to see if you're eating a salad and wearing a suit? -_-);

When you finish your meal and tell the staff, you will get dessert.

I'm giving coffee and jelly, and coffee says where you put the beans, but in your senses it is just delicious coffee.

Coffee and jelly came out in the cup, and the jelly was syrupy like omija and bokbuni series.

The coffee was pretty neat and tasty, and it tasted good with the jelly.

It was nice to share the jelly with two of you. (-_-) ;;

I think it's a good idea to spend some time considering that there are about 3 teams weighing.

Staff was very very kind and food was cheap, and it was good and I learned many good restaurants.

If you have lunch next department, I think you might like to visit with the staff.

At that time please add some bread ....

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