LG Electric dryer with 14 keys

LG Electric dryer with 14 keys

At the time of the end of June last year, when the rainy season started,

I used it for about a year.

I am going to try to describe the shortcomings / disadvantages I felt over the past year.


  1. Normal towels turn into hotel towels.

In the case of a naturally dried towel, the pile of the towel is pressed flat

If you dry it with a dryer, you will feel alive all over the file.

It looks like a hotel towel.

Now I'm looking forward to washing my face after showering or washing.

  1. Regardless of season / weather, you can wear smooth and soft clothes all year round.

Characteristics of hot and humid summer weather in Korea

When the rainy season starts in the summer, rain or rain often causes you to wash.

So the amount of laundry increases while the days get wet.

The laundry does not dry out, and the towel becomes scarce and the underwear that wears out becomes short.

And in the winter, it's hard to put laundry on the veranda or dry in the sun.

If you're drying in the room, you smell like a smell in your clothes.

However, if you use a dryer, this phenomenon disappears. (However, it may smell.)

In addition, the clothes are very soft.

It is not a naturally dry stiff towel, it is just as soft as a new clothes.

  1. You do not need to do laundry.

You know who saw the laundry.

I have to put clothes on my clothes and let them go.

You have to walk as much as possible without overlapping with the laundry

You have to wipe dry clothes before you hang up.

In the case of a hanging table on the ceiling,

The dryer does not need to do this at all.

Just take the laundry out of the washer and just put it back in the dryer.

Put the dry sheet into the end!

  1. The laundry is completed in one day.

In the morning, turn the washing machine and after two and a half hours, take the laundry out and turn the dryer

Clean that day in the afternoon finished new!

If you go to work and wash one or two pieces of clothes quickly and dry quickly with a drier,

The next day, I get clean clothes to go to work.

I was wondering how I could have lived when there was no furon in the dryer.


The disadvantages to be described from now on are also significant ...


  1. Clothes decrease.

There is a material that should not be turned on the dryer.

And as the clothes rotate in the dryer, the fabric is damaged due to constant friction.

The electric dryer is colder than the gas dryer, so the damage of the cloth is less, but it is definitely damaged.

After drying, a lot of dust, like platelets coming out of the dust filter, eventually came off a lot of fabric.

  1. Electricity tax can be a burden

It's different from electricity usage to house, but I use electricity a lot.

If you go beyond the progressive section, the electricity bill may be burdensome.

It seems like our house is about 3000 won to 4000 won.

It is not accurate, so please just refer to it.

  1. LG's software update is garbage

I do not know why Smart Kyukyu.

I thought that the dryer software could be updated with SmartQuake.

But I do not know why.

A few months ago, the drying time of the dryer did not decrease,

When I turn 3 hours, my clothes did not dry.

The causes of increased drying time are:

When the water dehumidified from the fabric is transferred from the primary water tank to the drainage bucket

When the water level in the primary water tank is above a certain level, the pump works.

At this time, the operation time of the pump is too short so that the water in the primary water tank can not be sufficiently pumped into the drain tank

There will be a lot of water in the primary water tank and it will not dry out.

There is water in the primary water tank.

The time was getting longer, but there was no water in the drain.

Anyway, the software update solved it now.

To update the software, you have to open the dryer top plate and transfer the dedicated device (!!!!!!!!!)

In short, if you do not call your knight for 10 years, you will continue to use it as firmware.

I was impressed with LG's amazing firmware update.

  1. Automatic cleaning of controversial capacitors

I also had a controversy for a few days. I took my house dryer condenser in the morning.

My house was also bad.

I think the automatic cleaning function itself is not a problem.

The reason is that, like the first electrostatic filter of an air purifier,

This is because it has the effect of increasing the frequency of manual cleaning.

But the only way to rely on automatic cleaning is obviously a problem.

Just make a door so you can clean it like a Samsung on the condenser side.

But I'm eating it because I did not do it.

Even the 9-key model can not be confirmed?

And I can not check it, so I can not repair it or clean it?

What did you learn in the event of a dusty washer?

And if the condenser problem is dry, even if it gets wet, it may give a smell like a smell on your clothes .;;;;

  1. Dust filter gap problem

The problem of dust sticking to the condenser is not a problem only for automatic condenser cleaning.

The dust filter is double, so I do not think it's a big problem.

The gap between the dust filter and the dryer body.

After drying, remove the filter to clean the dust filter

You can see that there is dust in the gap between the filter and the dryer.

If I'm not the only one who raises the issue, it's a species specific to the LG Dryer itself.

  1. Drying time depends on outside temperature.

In the case of a gas dryer, this phenomenon is small

The electric dryer is just like a dehumidifier, and is sensitive to the ambient temperature.

The lower the outside temperature, the longer the drying time.

So, in my house, I insist on being very cold in the winter

Laundry We installed in clothes without installing in series in washing machine.

Nevertheless, in winter, a similar amount of laundry will take up to an hour or more to dry.

I understand it because it is actually written in the manual.

One of the warmest rooms in my house.

I do not understand why the time is so high even in an environment where the temperature is over 20 degrees.

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