IPhone X and Galaxy S8 +, Long Term Use

IPhone X and Galaxy S8 +, Long Term Use


I want to record the advantages and disadvantages of using the iPhone X and the Galaxy S8 + for the past two years without any special changes.

  1. User experience presented by face ID

I think the iPhone's face ID is still one of the killer applications that still offers an amazing user experience.

However, even after nearly two years, I still can not find myself in my bed when I can not see myself in my bed and lying down or lying down.

One of the primary purposes of using biometric recognition on smartphones is to simplify the process of pushing passwords, thereby increasing usability. Unexpectedly, iPhone X often requires a password.

For example, when you put your phone on a table, it keeps looking for me when the screen turns on.

But I can not recognize it, it exceeds the recognizable time and the screen turns off.

After that, when I turn on the screen to do something, I will be informed that I need to enter my password to activate Face ID again.

As a result, I seem to be using the face ID and password input at a ratio of about 5: 5.

I think this is too uncomfortable. The next smartphone purchase will be considered fingerprint recognition first.

  1. Large screen and small screen

The person is a real secretary.

If you are looking at a small screen, you will get a big screen.

So I have one for each size.

Reading simple information is certainly a small screen, but in most environments (games, videos, etc.), big screen is unconditional.

I finally see the iPhone X ... Galactic look ... I see the iPad.

  1. OLED and burn-in

First ... quite a lot of people are concerned about OLED burn-in phenomenon.

Actually this is an issue where the variation is so large even according to the habit of the user that I am okay so you will be okay.

My experience also seems to be good if you think about this case too.

Conclusion First, there is no burn-in phenomenon in both cases.

IPhone X is my main navigation and Galaxy is in charge of cacao pages and webtoons.

Although it is used without any special measures in the long distance traveling down to the province, there is still no detail of burning phenomenon.

Personal screen satisfaction is Galaxy's victory.

The color is surely easy to see on the iPhone. It is also better for my taste.

But it's dark.

I do not know if you are asking about absolute brightness.

However, when the Galaxy shows the screen in direct sunlight, the iPhone does not exaggerate the exaggeration to make sure it is on.

This is also true when you darken the screen.

I do not want to be bothered by turning off the lights in my bed, so if I lower it to the lowest brightness, the Galaxy will be darker.

I think this part of the iPhone will solve some of the dark mode, but I do not have much of a dark mode.

(I was very tired on a black background with white letters)

  1. Notch?

The notch on iPhone X has become a worldwide ridicule.

Of course it is still now, but it was really great at the time of the first leak and announcement.

In fact, I do not care much then or now.

I was not able to recognize it because it was covered by the immersion of the content displayed on the screen.

However, when I went to Notch, I was angry that it was hard to see the remaining battery power. This seems to be a problem that will not be solved for a long time in the future.

  1. Notiba & Toolbar

The Nauti bar of the iPhone has been integrated at the top like the toolbar that came up from the bottom of the screen, and the scroll area on the upper right is separated.

Galaxy, on the other hand, is structured so that the Notiba comes down in a different form when one-handed / two-finger scrolling.
When I think about what is more convenient, I think that the way of Android is a little more comfortable.
The iPhone is really good at focusing on content and functionality, but it's a bit disadvantageous to speed up the desired action.

I feel like I have to go through two or three steps without trying to do what I want to do.

Especially, the ability to go to the setting screen by pressing and holding each toggle button on Galaxy is really the best.

When you organize your Notify alerts, you can organize your Android faster and easier.

  1. Widgets and widgets

There is also a widget in the Galaxy.

Ironically, the iPhone widget is great.

The Galaxy widget is what it looks like ... If it looks like ornaments, it feels like you can quickly see what you really need.

Actually, it is used like this, barcode, weather, calendar, etc. I put together with the iPhone widget Galaxy widgets almost disappear.

  1. Best feature

IPhone: Controlled bell / vibration with physical toggle

Galaxy: Camera used by pressing the power button twice

  1. The worst feature

IPhone: Face Time Locked

Galaxy: Fingerprint Location

  1. Most memorable experience

IPhone: I'm working in a company, but the outside person drops my iPhone and runs away (front screen,

Galaxy: Dropped from the car cradle the day after purchase (Half of the front screen, the screen is still normal)

(Galaxy is much stronger in experience);

  1. What about the next two years?

For the sake of keeping costs down, what will be organized in the near future? I started to write this article for my thoughts while I was worried.

I currently have a 15 "MacBook Pro, iPhone, Apple watch, iPad, Galaxy and AirPad.

And the next smartphone is a provisional decision of Galaxy + Galaxy Watch Sports.

The AirPot is used on MacBooks and iPads, and Galaxy Buzz is a little bit concerned, but there are no plans to buy it.

You can listen to music on the iPad in the open air, and there is a lot of movement in the car.

Apple watches have been used by a close acquaintance, but ... I just want to give it away for free. (It's a generation I wrote long;)

There are a few reasons to change the fact ...

The use of the recording function is increasing, but the compatibility of the iPhone is not good in my surroundings.

The absence of the call recording function was always inconvenient.

I do not use cameras much more than I thought, but both of these products are good enough specifications for me.

Rather, the video feels a little better on the Galaxy.

I think I can do some sort of cable on this occasion.

One of the biggest reasons is the cost of in-app billing. I concluded that Android is the environment in which the same amount of money can not be satisfied because of differences in platforms due to platform differences in the same app, and both mood and economic aspects.

Samsung Fahrenheit and T-shirts are ancillary options. (Nowadays, there are also cacao pei ..)

I am still worried about what kind of product I am still buying.

I am worried about the note 10 and the folds ... I do not know what to expect.

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