HP Envy X360 13-ar0077au Disassembly and SSD Replacer

HP Envy X360 13-ar0077au Disassembly and SSD Replacer

The price is cheap, and finally handed over my laptop to my brother, I bought it as needed.

Unlike the desktop, I wanted to extract and mount the 1TB SSD in the desktop to download and use everything.

However, I can't find a way to disassemble if there is not much demand in Korea, so I just raise it (?).

  • Note that this notebook can only replace SSD and WLAN modules.

In order to pear, you need the following preparations:

  • Caution * It is said that the appearance is weak to distortion.

You will need a suitable Phillips screwdriver and a star driver (T5H) to roll around in your house.

And you need a card to remove the bottom plate. I used a discarded card. It's sticky so the card's edges are all cut off.

Let's start the decomposition in earnest.

The bottom of the notebook. It is necessary to remove all the non-slip rubber attached to the bottom plate.

-> Take off the corner with one finger carefully.

Screw position. I'll remove them all. Then use the card to separate the bottom plate.

In my case, there was a little play on the left side of the hinge, so I removed the card from this part.

  • Note * The bottom two Phillips screws (short) have different lengths from the top six Phillips screws (long). Take care when reassembling.

It is separated.

I was a bit embarrassed here. The bottom of the notebook was perforated for intake, but it was blocked with a non-woven fabric, except for the cpu cooler.

In the future, we are considering whether to remove it for cooling performance or leave it in place to prevent dust ingress.

SSD. There is a shell to know whether it is antistatic or heat dissipation. If you remove it, the screw will be on top so you can disassemble the SSD. At the time of purchase, SSD options were included as a seller option. So it has a Samsung SSD.

LAN module. Equipped with Realtek RTL8822BE. It will be replaced by Intel AC9260 in the future.

Ryzen 5 3500u and ram. The RAM is onboard and there is no additional expansion slot to expand the RAM.

Cooler. Exhaust from the left side after the lower air intake.

Battery. It says 3281mAh.

For computer SSD migration, the graphics card was removed from the existing computer and the SSD was installed. Let's migrate.

Some people migrate by purchasing an external SSD module.

We used the Mini partition wizard for the migration. We've reduced the space on the 1TB SSD for one-on-one cloning.

Partition copy is in progress ...

After copying the partition, reseat the SSD in the notebook. And if it boots normally, success!

Now proceed with the Windows installation.

I have written once because there are not many disassembly and ssd replacement of HP Envy lineup in Korea.

It's not good, but please take a look and leave a comment if you have any questions!

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