Galaxy s10 plus 1T

Galaxy s10 plus 1T

I am interested in smartphone, so I crossed the iPhone Android
I am currently using the s10 Plus 1T testimonial

The writing is a very personal testimony.

Recently used phones
IPhone xr> Galaxy s10e> iPhone x> s10 plus 1T

Purchase motivation
The original features are not easy,
I bought s10 plus 1T unopened goods from used xx because there is not

Comparison with iPhone
The touch part or vibration also makes the iPhone feel better
S10 plus is better than iPhone x, xr (notch)
It is very easy to manage photo and video files compared to iPhone
Call recording is a perfect function (a big reason for making a call)
The fastest is Galaxy, but the animation is much smoother for iPhone.
The Pay function is convenient every time you use it
Appearance of luxury ?? iPhone seems to be more advanced (x standard)
Weighing s10 plus 1T is heavier than iPhone x
I do not get the feeling that the S10 plus 1T is heavier (maybe the area is big?)
Fingerprint recognition is less than you think (it is difficult to find the exact location)

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