Daiso jelly cleaner

Daiso jelly cleaner

First, a brush to take out the dust properly.

I need a tool to detach the keycap.

It 's colored in food.

The keyboard is a Leopold fc750r glazing

I bought it a year ago and never cleaned it.

Dust Sorry orz I apologize

Remove all key caps

Except for the clasp;

The liquid monster drips all over it.

Because you may have a bad reputation.

It's like a ball,

Please take .. keyboard .. continue ..

If you continue taking pictures, dust will come up.

It seems to be somewhat organized.

The rest are sticky cotton swabs,

The kids who are caught by the latch are annoying .. Pass .. (uncomfortable)

Clean up !!

It's been about a year since I bought a keyboard.

I never used it before.

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