Bosch wire rotary hammer drill GBH 2-26 + Metabo wireless hammer drill SB 18 LT

Bosch wire rotary hammer drill GBH 2-26 + Metabo wireless hammer drill SB 18 LT

As someone has said, I've been suffering from my mentality for several years as a "drill through a concrete wall hole" with an ordinary drill, but I had to put 5 IKEA lathes on the wall of the apartment last week. The ...

Concrete will become harder as time goes by, and the apartment I live in has been built a few years before it was built in 1990, which is at least 30 years old.

It is strong, and it is a quest to put a shelf in a wall of 30 years old which seems to fall down a hole in a wall.

So I bought a hammer drill of Chinese watermelon 800 watts 3J (line) with the most user reviews in Germany Amazon for 50 euros (KRW 65,000).

"Now I am not afraid to bring anything from my wife to IKEA,"
"Old apartment concrete walls pierce like butter" (poisoned user reviews)

It is an unusual thing for the Germans to express such an exaggeration.

Oh ... Rotary Hammer Drill I like your hands. The proof wall was like a real tofu.

To drill a hole, I wanted to get rid of the existing wire drill that has hammer function that only the gin (the handle) was done.

However, a powerful Chinese hammer drill, who was satisfied with the pungent rain, drilled a hole with a diameter of 6mm, a depth of 5Cm, and died in the eleventh.

I smelled a bit of a burning smell, but maybe I just drilled a hole and burned a brush.

So I just returned (Amazon likes ~) and finally got a tool sale on eBay. I got the SBH 2-26 wired rotary hammer drill and the Metabo wireless Hammer drill (SB 18 LT) I bought. META-BEN is the first brand I've seen, but I bought it because I thought it was a German brand.

I gave them 220 euros (about 290,000 won), about 110,100 euros each.

Bosch's wired rotary hammer drill GBH 2-26.

I think the courier has thrown him. The box is bruised ... ㅠ

Bosch L-box is called, the box itself is not different.

When the lid is opened, the body, manual, contains non-woven fabric. What is the use of the nonwoven fabric?

The model that can change the quick chuck is attached with F, and the product I purchased is fixed type.

This is a versatile function that I do not need for a drill I purchased separately.

There are two models that have the same function and can change the chuck. After searching, this model seems to be over 10 years old.

I do not think it's meant to be tested by Amazon, though.

Amateurs need to buy professional products.

This is because the equipment works like a pro for me.

The SDS-PLUS drill bit is inserted instead of the usual drill bit (piece). I'll show you this part later.

Rotary function switching is from the left 1) Simple rotating drill 2) Hammer + Rotating drill 3) Chisel (tile peeling) angle adjustment 4) Hammer (destruction).

I do not know what the difference is in each of these functions, but I found out by YouTube search that the destructive mode also crushed rocks.

The perforation depth adjuster is adjusted in length by pressing the red part attached to the lower auxiliary handle.

The auxiliary handle is made of non-slip material and the angle is adjusted by loosening the handle.

Fortunately there are not many products from Germany, this product is "young Madonna" is.

At 830 watts, it's a 2.7 line.

The Chinese rotary hammer drill that died in a day was three lines at 800 watts, but I do not know what the correlation between watts and strings is.

The line length is about 5m and the joints are bent like a joint, so the durability looks good. The detail is good.

Concrete, chisel drill blade (bit).

What's in the box is the Bosch Professional SDS Plus 5 product that I bought with the last killed Chinese Hammer drill, and the kids outside the box received it as a gift (but likely included in the price ...). Chizzle is the work of knocking out the tiles with the kids.

In the middle, a pointed child is destructive. If you drill through the floor of the apartment with this, you can co-live with your family. haha

It is a gift (?), But I gave it to me as a "young Madonna." The other three are made in China.

The SDS series drill blades are said to be optimized for front and rear motions rather than rotational motions.

It is said that concrete does not revolve but drills through impact.

The tearing drill mountain said that it is the role of discharging the cement powder.

The sds-plus type is only threaded on the sds-plus chuck, not on the common drill chuck.

Unfortunately, I do not have a working picture because I have to use both hands while working.

This is a real 30 years old concrete wall with a diameter of 6mm-8mm and a depth of 5cm.

Instead, the equipment itself is heavy, so it is essential to have 3 to 4 kg of solder.

Because the noise is so great, earplugs are essential even in wet tissues. (Replaceable with in ear earphone, foam ear plug, headphone, etc.)

The following is a rechargeable cordless Hammer Drill Metabo SB 18 LT.

I bought it with Bosch Hammer drill because it was 50% discount on consumer price and 10% discount on eBay.

It is very compact and contains 2 batteries, fast charger, body, belt hook, and piece hanger.

18-bolt hammer drill.

Compared to a hammerless drill-only plastic chuck, it is more durable than a metal chuck.

The battery is 2.0 amperes. There was also 5 amps, which was similar to the price of a drill body only.

2 amps are also a bit heavy, but 5 amps are very heavy.

I do not know if I have good specifications.

Lithium Ion is a Czech manufacture.

5INR19 / 66 seems to be a number showing ability (power?).

The body. It is a German brand, a Chinese manufacture.

There is a spec sheet for each material.

I'm talking about it in advance, but it's not really a 30-year-old apartment building.

It's not that bad at all, but after seeing the bitter taste of hammer drill's tofu, concrete decided not to punch through it.

Luminous ... No LED. I saw how bright the light was, and it was blind.

Hammer icon = hammer.

Someday I'll use this feature.

I am thinking about putting something on the wall of the warehouse that does not come in electricity.

When the red button is pressed, the remaining battery level is displayed.

I've written quite a bit of screwing on a knife block, but I think it's going to take a long time to see that it does not get any better.

I would like to use the second battery in the future.

It is a fast charger, but it is loud because there is a fan inside.

I will forgive the loud noise for the tremendous performance that took only about half an hour to go from one capsule to the buffer.

Vietnam manufacture.

The main body is China, the battery is Czech, and the charger is made in Vietnam. Hitachi Japan currently owns ... is a multinational product properly.

Two types of drill bit are hexagonal + general.

And one more thing ...

The manual precision screwdriver Xiaomi Fyah, as if holding it from the original set as if it was handed. There is no scratch on the driver's handle.

At last, three seasons were clogged, so I mounted it and disassembled it.

The tool is powerful, so you can quickly attach and detach 10 deeply threaded screws to remove debris and assemble at a very high speed.

I have been working with me for the last 15 years together with the 1st generation exoso who has worked well in the household.

Ikea simple furniture assembly and opening and closing the computer is not only pleasant.

Meta was my favorite after I had the experience of going into the 18V metabolic room with the screw that was caught in the sword block that was not squeezed in 3.6V here.

Satisfaction is very high. I also have to write something strong.

It became complete.

Now you just have to house (house).

Those who have holes to drill concrete, hang on walls, ceilings, IKEA furniture assembly or repair work!

Do not worry about cordless hammer drills, cordless drills, just buy two. It is a necessity that can not be replaced with each other.

I have reduced my working time and labor to 1/100 (a little exaggerated), and I am confident that I will be able to drill through the holes in my concrete wall.

The trauma to the wall that has been plagued by me for a long time has also disappeared.

Thank you for reading the long article. Heh.

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