B & O Beeplay A1

B & O Beeplay A1

I needed a portable BT speaker, but I was hesitant because I was not sure about the sound quality.

I bought it because of the name of B & O.

There were 5 colors and I am black.

It is the state of the body.

  • It is about 13cm in size and it is big enough for a male adult to hold it with one hand.
  • The weight is quite heavy.
  • That B & O strap is leather but it is more luxurious.

A more detailed picture.

I am sorry that the phone is burnt ... it is still iPhone 6S.

The upper part is a matte metal, but it looks good on the kiss.

The lower part is made of urethane material and has buttons and connectors.

4-way, clockwise.

  • Strap
  • Power + LED / Volume UP / Volume Down
  • 3.5-pi connector, USB-C connector
  • Conversion / BT switch / Microphone (currency)

Buttons are physical buttons that are not touch type, but they are difficult to position when placed on the floor. It is not cool to feel pressed because the urethane is thick.

If USB-C type is connected to the PC, it can charge the sound without sound.

I have not tested how long it will go to full charge.

It is the bottom, but it is dust, not grease.

The material is urethane bismuth, it is easy to attach dust.

Instead, it is stable without slipping.

The most important sound ...

Good car speakers, AirPot, iPhone XS, iPad Pro 3G sound good,

The smallest car speaker, the iPhone 6S,

My ability to distinguish this sounds quite wonderful.

Oh, I heard a lot of boss sound links, but it does not detract.

The volume is raised, the sound is not broken or disliked.

Considering that it is portable, it sounds big enough and satisfactory to me.


I need a case, but most of the cases are overseas.

I decided on this guy. There is also a strap, a little cushioning is also recommended.

I bought a circular pouch from Naver and looked at it in size.

I wish I had bought a Brunch Brother ..

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