Aveeno eczema-itch relief balm

Aveeno eczema-itch relief balm

I am an atopic patient suffering from atopy since childhood (about 6 months of age?).

I am very sensitive to certain preservatives.

If you eat the food containing the preservative, the reaction will start in about three hours.

Most of the atopic patients are symptomatic.

A rash on the skin, a great itching and redness.

Of course, there is also very weak atopy, skin is also very dry

When ingesting certain preservatives, the forehead becomes reddish throughout the body, especially inside the joints.

One of the most important things for atopic patients is moisturizing.

I think I've used all the moisturizers that are good for me.

Cetaphil, Vaseline, Neutrogena and many more I do not remember all of them.

But the hyaluronic acid was so hot that I could not help it.

I found this product through my mother.

His son also has atopy and he uses several products and finds out.

He said he settled on Aveeno's eczema line.

However, unfortunately, the product is not sold in Korea because it says that you use it through the fastball.

I heard the news and was thinking about fastball on Amazon.

But the Aveeno eczema-itch relief balm I was trying to buy did not go to Amazon.

So while I was frustrated, I was able to successfully purchase a site called "I Hub,

In fact, there are many other products in the lineup other than the products I bought.

However, after many years of using a lot of moisturizer, I have a standard to choose a product.

   1. Must be large capacity

   2. Pump or non-tube type snout is in wide cylinder and can be used to the end.

   3. Low irritation and high water persistence

It was Aveeno eczema-itch relief balm that fulfilled all these conditions.

Pump or tube type can not use the moisturizer until the end,

This product is contained in a wide cylinder and can be scratched to the end.

It was good for someone like me who had a large amount of product so I had to spray a moisturizer on my whole body.

And I got it because I was certified by the National Eczema Association (NEA) as a certified hypoactive and high moisturizing product.

For reference, I think that you can purchase this product with some peace of mind.

I received the order within two days of ordering and tried to use it immediately from that day.

The result of using about 5 days steadily is a big hit.

Once this product is a lot sticky compared to general products.

It's almost sticky about Vaseline.

Depending on the person, you can avoid being too heavy and sticky.

But I have a very dry skin and I do not apply a moisturizer within 1-2 minutes

I feel extreme skin pulling.

So in my case, when I applied this product, I felt that "the skin is definitely moisturizing".

And as the name says, it really calms the itch.

From about yesterday I slept in the night and scraped my body, and in the morning, the blood of my clothes was greatly reduced.

I do not scratch somewhere in the body without knowing even during the work day.

The skin also became tough all day long.

Certain moisturizers get rid of their face after they are applied.

There was no such thing.

I think I found a life-saving moisturizer.

If you are an atopic patient or your child has an atopy,

You may have tried a lot of moisturizers that are good for atopy.

So you probably know.

The fact that even though they like others, there are separate products for them ...

This product I introduced is not the best product.

But just like me, those who suffer from atopy,

I will write this eagle if it is helpful.

Patients with atopic dermatitis all hope to alleviate their symptoms.

Thank you for reading.

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