Appco hacker K512

Appco hacker K512

Product Name: K512 Cherish PBT OEM Dye Sublimation Tenchirisu

Color: Black body

Keycap Color: White & Emerald Blue Two-tone

Cable: detachable C type USB cable

Keyboard Type: Mechanical Cherry MX

Product size: 360mm x 133mm x 36mm high

Weight: 735g

Key arrangement: 87 Tenjikiri arrangement

Emerald Blue & White Keyboard with two-tone charm Tenkirisu attractive

ABKO HACKER K512 Chery Dye Sublimation PBT Tenrikisu Chery Gaming Keyboard (K512) was released.

The K512 Keyboard, which was released this time, is like the word "Cherish"

It is said to be a keyboard with the meaning of a keyboard that you want to keep.

The K512 is a product of the 87 KITENKIRIS array, which employs a formal cherry switch.

It is a product that has been released as three kinds of switch that can be used according to taste.

Dye sublimation marking method available only in the keycaps of PBT material.

Released as a PBT OEM two-tone keycap, the K512 is a self-

It is a product that takes advantages of keycap through English font and neat Korean font design.

The thickness of the key cap is 1.4mm, and the key cap is applied.

K512 is designed to prevent keycap distortion caused by the position where the switch is pressed.

Cherry style stabilizer is applied, and stable keycap fastening and keying are possible.

The K512 employs a C-type interface that boasts the best data rate and convenience,

Easily removable, easy to carry or store / can be attached. Also, to prevent the connection between the terminal and the keyboard body

If you fit the groove into the groove, it will not come off easily and it will be fixed firmly.


Emerald Blue & White Keyboard charm Tenkirisu two-tone ABKO HACKER K512 Cherish

Dye Sublimation PBT Tenrikisu Cherry Gaming Keyboard was released at the lowest price of 99,000 won online

Good point

This is a design-specific black body with a combination of a white keycap and an emerald blue keycap.

It gives a fresh and clean feeling.

Above all, the removable USB C type is used for mobility and faster transfer rates.

The USB C type connection part is designed so that it does not get out easily because it has a groove on both sides and provides stability.

And Cherry MX keyboard gives you a sense of quality.

The enemy I choose reduces the fatigue of the hand and the faster tendency with the lowest key feel.

And the design and the cherry-type show that it is reasonably priced even though we have applied the USB C type.

Sorry point

But for users who like LED or RGB, there is a little bit of a lack of keyboard and keyboard

It is a product that is somewhat unfortunate that it has not been released to the popular blue, go, enemy, but low noise axis.


Overall, the design axis, key cap, USB C type tag is very high quality and measured at a reasonable price.

If you are a man, the mark of Cherish that shows you want to have one is also situated in a high quality.

This is a very satisfying user who has been using the main keyboard as a contactless

It was the introduction of the product which showed good tag and design that LED does not come out but it is replaced with the main keyboard.

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