January 9, 2020


I remember walking in this street. It was one morning when we are about to start our tour in Macau. We've heard from other people who have been here, that we don't have to buy food in Macau because there are a lot of free tastes. They weren't lying.

As soon as we joined the crowd, we couldn't track how many sellers offered us free tastes. It was everywhere. Its probably one of the things I enjoyed the most when we were in Macau.

The 3 previous posts were taken in the same place. It was how that street looked like. This area is somewhere in between Senado Square and Ruins of St. Paul. All photos were taken using an iPhone 8 Plus and edited in the default photo editor. This was last July 2019.

Cheers to more places to explore this 2020! 🍻

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