Heavy Beary Beers!


I'm back baby!! I'm back!!!! And so too is the Saturday Beer Review!!

Two weeks, I have been gone. Two weeks! Trapped on an island in the Atlantic of the ocean. It sounds idyllic, it sounds lovely. All that sun and sand and general holiday niceness.

But the BEER was RUBBISH!!

Due to a combination of All-Inclusive free food and drink, pesky kids and remote location of our hotel, there was no opportunity for fine beer sampling. I am sure they have some, I mean, where doesn't have good beer?

So, there I was, trapped drinking a beer that went by the name of Tropical. It was the local beer. I won't go so far as to say it was rubbish.

It was WORSE than rubbish... It tasted like CAMEL PISS!

Incidentally, I rode a camel on holiday but I can categorically state, for the record that I did not drink from its suede fountain.

Definitely not.


I am so very happy to be back. Ridiculously so, despite the 2 degrees celcius temperatures and ice everywhere.

It feels like home.

But I have not been to see the Bear-Man?! And I do not have time to dive to his shop today. Horror. What is a man to do?

Well, fear not. A many-penised man such as myself is always prepared for such an event and luckily, I had a couple of stoaters on standby for just such a thing.

What are these beers I had for an emergency?

Well, if I can't have the Bear-Man then I can have the very next best thing. A Bear beer!! That's right, I have a beer named bear and another which is heavy. And both have spent some time idling in barrels...

Enough of all this hinting and tomfoolery.

Let us get onto the matter at hand...

The tasting.


A BEAR!! What a mighty looking thing, an Imperial Stout promising coffee and chocolate and mighty percents of alcohols at 10.5%!

Apparently it has one all manner of awards too. I am literally frothing at the gash to get my gums around these plums.

Metaphorically speaking, of course.


What a big frothy head. It's like being pounded by the Atlantic surf again

And look!! Look! I see the blackness under it that resides in all men's souls! I sees it and I can't unsee it. Ha, of course, I can unsee it, I will just throw it down into the gaping emptiness that passes for my belly these days.

Seriously, it is a fine-looking beast. Very black, very bear. With a pleasing hint of muddy chocolate brown in the head and lurking on the side of the glass.

Will it make a bear of me? Heck knows I could do with some fierce animality after that holiday!

Let's go!

Damn, this one is hoaching with strong dark espresso and chocolate with a fine whisky toot under it all. Top donk! I am trying hard not to give it a ten just because I have been drinking slop for a week.

But the bitter chocolate, malts and coffee dancing with the Whisky on my tongue demand a ten boomer and I say... YES! 10/10 booms!!

Hoots for the WOOTS! It's good to be back and it's good to be drinking real beer!



A heavy. A heavy that has been barrel-aged. Normally the barrel-aged jobs are Porters and Stouts. It will be interesting to see what this one is like. Fierce has always done a good barrel beer and hopefully, this will be no exception. 6 months in bourbon barrels!

It isn't as strong as the last one but it ain't always about strength. Did I really just say that?


Aha, a dank and toasty black like a leper that has leapt free from the cleansing fires! I look at it and hope that it doesn't taste of sweat.

Nothing should taste of sweat except sweat.

There, that is a life lesson to you all for free.

Now enough of the sweaty Betty talk. To the beer.

Well, that was a lovely beer, malty and sweetly caramel tasting emphasised by the Bourbon just packing that little extra oomph that would have propelled it to the top tier.

A very respectable 8/10 booms!

What a session! How good it is to be back in the beer saddle and steeming too.

I have greatly missed the Steem action and am looking forward to getting stuck back in.

And so I don't feel left out... wasn't it nice to see Steem have a little bump in value today!

Here is hoping that it is not a one-off event and that it keeps up. Imagine if it kept up to a decent level and I could afford an iron gunship to go and rain fire down on Lanzarote for the perfidy of their rubbish beer!!

Ha, a man can hope.


Cheers everyone!

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A stoater, ye are :D

I had a feeling these would go down a treat and be scored high, but it seems you have taken into account the holiday dross and these still score well.

Hang on a moment, Boomy goes on holidays and Steem is off like a rocket....

Did you influence any deep pockets whilst under the cheap lager influence?!

18.01.2020 21:57

Oh noes!! Who knows what influence the camels might have, who might they know!!!

Hehe, the beers are fecking lovely. What a relief man, last night was the wine and it was lovely. So all is looking up! I have to cane it a bit because I go back to work soon and the dear is creeping in!!

18.01.2020 22:04

I'm glad you are enjoying. Can't wait until February, 4 beers and I'll be cooked.

Work will give you more stories - a great way to earn by ripping the chumps in the office :)

18.01.2020 22:08

It's my favourite bit about working actually. The utter nonsense of the office!!

Although I will be non dry to the fourth, in my heart I am with you! ;0)

18.01.2020 22:18

Got to find things to entertain at work - 8 hours is a lot to give each weekday!

Cheers, I'll be back with a vengeance on the 1st Feb!

19.01.2020 11:23

I like the sound of the back with a vengeance :0D

19.01.2020 11:56


Getting no help from the spellchecker over here!

19.01.2020 12:13

Damn the spellcheckers, damn them to hell!!!

19.01.2020 12:39

It is good to have you back... Take note @nonameslefttouse...

As a non-beer-drinking heathen, I still enjoy reading your posts, even just for the descriptions of the unmentionables.

18.01.2020 22:16

A non beer drinking heathen, I never suspected for as moment!!

@nonameslefttouse! For a minute I thought he might be back.

I really missed posting, it was bizarre, like a bit of me was missing. The missus would have liked me had she known I sneaked a couple in, lol!

18.01.2020 22:22

had she known I sneaked a couple in, lol!

She knows. This is where the pesky kids came from.

18.01.2020 22:53

Boom boom!!!! Hahahaha!! :0)

18.01.2020 22:55

'Nothing should taste of sweat except sweat.'

Not only an entertaining, but also a very educational post, in every sense of the word.
Good to have you back man. Trending got so boring.

18.01.2020 22:58

Hehe, I do my best to make em not boring!!

It's good to be back and not drinking the start l sweat!! ;0D

18.01.2020 23:03

Welcome back !!

18.01.2020 23:58

Cheers!! I enjoyed my little holiday! :0)

18.01.2020 23:59

That make up for the lack of beer on your holiday? XP

Also how do you know what camel piss tastes like? o_O

19.01.2020 01:12
Doesn't everyone know that heady and sandy taste of a camel?


19.01.2020 09:57

Welcome back! We missed you and your wit and charm AND those beer reviews! I want the dark chocolate and whiskey one. Sounds like dessert after being deserted on that God-forsaken Island without nary a Steem note to send off.

Well, a few, but, not nearly enough!

Two weeks and now you have to make up with some special extra posting! We demand it as your fans. Pretty please?

Glad to have you back!!


19.01.2020 03:49

Cheers lass!!

Haha, extra posting! I don't think I could! It might be nice though.

That first one with the Whisky was awesome. I don't even fell that bad today!!

19.01.2020 10:04

Hahaha! OMG~!! I do love your humor. :)

Cheers, Sir BoomBoom! You made my day.

19.01.2020 15:45

Always a pleasure to serve! ;0)

19.01.2020 15:46
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19.01.2020 03:50

Ahhh... man, this is like some type of self induced torture reading this as I've litterally had to give up everything for new year. Alcohol, coffee, sugar and I'm even on the keto diet.

Had to do all of this for medical reasons, which does make it easier to stick to... but it's hard. Lol, I want a beer!!!

Oh well, I'll have to live vicariously through your Saturday beer reviews boomy.
Glad to hear the holiday was a goooden :)

Riding a camel eh? There's definitely an innuendo in there somewhere.

Did you give its toe a tickle? There we go, innuendo done.

19.01.2020 09:43

Splendid innuendo!!

Oh man, medical reasons? I hope everything is ok, dude.

I am happy for everyone to live vicariously through me. At least until my liver pops!! Hehe, unlikely though we I am going on a bit of a detox myself on return to work but will still be having a Saturday beer!

19.01.2020 09:56

I am happy for everyone to live vicariously through me. At least until my liver pops!!

Ha ha, well that's part of my problem. I've had this gut condition for 6 years called SIBO (wrote about it loads on steem) but about a year and a half ago I had scans on my liver and turns out I have NAFLD (non alcohol related liver disease), which explains why I get super drunk and have hangovers 3-4 days long which feel like I've been poisoned... seriously I'm often still drunk the next day and the hangover kicks in on day two and lasts until day four.

Throughout this battle with SIBO other imbalances have been diagnosed by the gastroenterologist. A few years ago I was diagnosed with NAFLD (none alcohol related fatty liver disease) which is a condition that has caused scaring on my liver. Symptoms manifests in me as an inability to process toxins properly.

quote from a recent blog I wrote about all this

Check out that blog if you wanna read about it in-depth. The upshot is that I'm off all alcohol, sugar, caffine and following the low carb ketogenic diet until my birthday in July... when I might just celebrate with a few drinks and something other than fish, avocado or eggs lol

I can just picture it now... lying in a gutter with a bottle of vodka, a massively distended belly and a slice of pizza hanging out of my gob ;-)

19.01.2020 10:11

I will have a look, flippity jings. At least you have been diagnosed and know what it is.

That last image makes me chuckle!

19.01.2020 10:13

"The smell of the inside of a Hobo's shoe?" and something was like drinking from a sweety Camaltoe... Hahaha, very vivid imagery. If only the internet could us have a sniff and taste too, then I'd probably pass. But aside from that, those two seem to be amazing to drink.

19.01.2020 10:18

They were very good indeed. Everything tasted good after the dross I had the past couple of weeks! We must invent smell/taste-o-vision, that would be excellent!

19.01.2020 10:22

We must invent smell/taste-o-vision, that would be excellent!

Absolutely count me in! And the next step after that being a food 'n drink replicator. That would even be more epic, being able to taste the same drink that you put to the test.

Wonder what JLP now would say... =D

19.01.2020 10:29

Haha!!! I wasn't sure if it was you or not!

A replicator would be perfect, then we could just keep copying all the good ones!!

!ENGAGE 10 !

19.01.2020 10:35

I wasn't sure if it was you or not!
No doubt after the JLP reference. ;-)

Thanks for the Engage did not even know that excisted!

Then we could just keep copying all the good ones!!

Make it so!

19.01.2020 10:39

Hehe!! Make it so, indeed!! As soon as I saw the jlp I was like aha!

19.01.2020 10:47


19.01.2020 10:55

Glad you made it back boom...And what a way to hot the ground running...First time I heard you spoke...Only understand 30% of what you said. 😂

Just fucking with ya. Got every word Boom!

Enjoy your return to work, it's sure to be triumphant.

19.01.2020 12:10

Haha! Glad you could understand me!!

I try to tone down the Scottishness! Only a tad mind you, lol!

Work will be a triumph and a pain in the arse!! :0)

19.01.2020 12:38

Haha, well to be honest every Monday is a pain in the ass for me...Except next Monday...Australia Day and so a public holiday.

20.01.2020 01:09

Welcome back - hope you had a great holiday

19.01.2020 14:58

Thank you! I totally did even though some of our was rubbish! :0)

19.01.2020 15:01

Holidays are nice, but no place like home... welcome back and I really missed your stories

19.01.2020 15:01

They are great but I am exactly the same, is lovely to be back where everything is where it should be. Even if I do miss the sun a bit!!!

19.01.2020 15:03

for you

19.01.2020 16:16

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19.01.2020 16:16

Meal in a Glass, jaja !BEER ...

20.01.2020 17:00

The best meals!!

20.01.2020 17:26

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20.01.2020 17:00

Haha! So good to see you back safe sir meesterboom! Those are some serious beers and a rare 10/10, wow! Great job.

23.01.2020 16:04

They were exceptionally good! I am going for similar results this week!

23.01.2020 16:05

Tremendous sir meesterboom and you got to see the Bear Man again right?

23.01.2020 17:29

Not last week, bit I will this week. Tomorrow in fact!!

23.01.2020 17:59

Yeah watch out. he'll be so happy to see you he'll give you a bear hug!

24.01.2020 01:15

Yeah watch out. he'll be
So happy to see you he'll
Give you a bear hug!

                 - janton

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

24.01.2020 01:15