STEEM : Are you going to Join us ?

When it comes to choosing the right social platform for showcasing your content there two basic questions we consider !

Is the paltform descentralized ?
Can you get rewarded for your cretivity, energy and time you invested to produce your content?

How about a social network built on a blockchain ?
That’s excatly what steem it is !

A socal media and blogging platform where you as a creators can create and curate content and get financially rewarded via a cryptocurrency called Steem.

Members can upvote the content and this goes directly to the content creators.

Steemit makes exchanging ideas and information real and genuine as its Steemit is designed as a decentralized application (DApp) built upon the Steem blockchain. What does that mean
No Ads, No selling your information , No censorship

Steem protol generates Fixed amount of steem everyday which makes up the reward for content creators just like any other cryptocurrency

Founded in 2016 by Ned Scott and Dan Larimer, the Steemit platform continues to grow. The question we will leave you with ….Are you going to be part of it ?

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Awesome video for marketing Steem to content creators.
The contest is intended to be directed at a potential investor though.
I really appreciate the time and effort you ve put here though!

12.12.2019 14:21

You are welcome !

25.04.2020 20:02