Was it something I said?!

To get banned from FB, I started posting memes of increasing offensiveness, or political incorectness.

I started with this one...

I didn't even consider it that bad, but it immediately got flagged as false through some good samaritan reporting it to this website.


I haven't had much time to check out the website, but the truth-o-meter on the front page sets off my bullshit-o-meter.


Regardless, I left the old meme untouched and reposted this edited version for everyone on facebook to re-enjoy.


It's interesting how facebook censored the part about China already being a communist country, even though the supposedly false part (the 90%) was left visible. Why censor the figures if you don't censor them?

Even if I had to edit the meme again and take off the entire first part, it would still be a good meme. In fact, it might be better. Let's see:


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There was a little typo in the original meme anyway, so it was worth opening paint for....And while you're at it might as well make a Steemit post out of it :D

10.01.2020 03:09

The censored part was left visible...is that supposed to be ironic, or punny? ;) ;) ;)

10.01.2020 03:11

Pun not intended. Thanks for finding it though :D

10.01.2020 03:12

Hehehe, it's funny, and very disturbing at the same time. :(
It's not right for any platform to delete/hide content they believe is "incorrect". Are they going to do that with people's written essays, also? I doubt it will stop at memes! And if they censor written opinion, will they also censor voiced opinion? Vlogs and so on? How about opinions to a beat, like hiphop? Will rap be censored? All music? All art? Everything and anything considered "incorrect" aka wrongthink? Come on, this is too fast and too soon. Too obvious. Too dirty.

10.01.2020 03:13

I'm just waiting for them to say false: China is not a communist country. This is what the slippery slope to censorship looks like. We're becoming more and more like China....we'll mock them until we become them and then we'll say we love it.

10.01.2020 03:16


That didn't take long. I'll upload the final version to see what happens.

10.01.2020 04:33

Oh, man! Maybe you should try just the photo, or just the bottom line of text, and see if that is "incorrect/false information" too?
It's f-ed up that social media sites are determining what's real and what's fake in today's society. Yeesh.

10.01.2020 08:22