The meat industry is dying!

Don't eat the Beyond Burger because it's too high in sodium? I'll take that advice with a grain of salt. The meat industry is dying, and it's making one last attempt (like cows that go to slaughter) to justify its existence. The arguments against beyond meat are pathetic and predictable:

  1. Too much salt
  2. Is processed
  3. Has too many ingredients
  4. Is high in fat

These arguments are easily criticized:

  1. North Americans already eat a lot of salt, so it's disturbing that supposedly trustworthy news sources are so eager to inform the public of the dangers of too much salt. Half a box of kraft dinner has about twice the salt content of a beyond patty.
  2. A lot of the meat, such as hot dogs and luncheon meat, is processed, this is well known, but it's not raised as an issue. Besides, regular slabs of meat are also processed, such as defeathering and draining the blood, removing the innards, and treating the meat with ammonia or chlorine.
  3. But processed isn't necessarily a bad thing, we just associate it with other processed foods that we know are bad for us, such as ppop tarts. Thse also have more ingredients than the beyond burger. Does the number of ingredients matter? A lot of the ingredients are vitamins intentionally added for fortification. Compared to President's Choice beef burgers, beyond burgers have more protein and iron and less saturated fat and even SALT!

4.) Harvard says (see 4 above) that the beyond burger has about as much fat as lean ground beef, but regular beef has much more (saturated) fat, and it also contains a lot of cholesterol which the beyond burger does not. Whether beyond burgers have as much or less saturated fat than beef, the saturated fat in beyond burgers comes mostly from coconut oil which is cardioprotective and raises good cholesterol levels.

beef vs beyond comparison.png

The wording of the articles is so biased, too, it's obvious that these media are not having an honest critical discussion about the topicc. The mainstrea belief is already decided and shoved down your throat in a facetious/rhetorical way posing as honest discussion...that just happens to have found the conclusion, problem solved: vegan food is bad, so eat your meat.


The language is obvious - ridiculus adjectives like ultra slapped in front of the word processed or with words like no better or just thrown around that serve no meaning but minimize the importance of vegan prroducts, and fining excuses why it's not more responsible in any way than meat (experts say, or single study findss). If tht doesn't work, they'll appeal to your primal urges and normalcy bias ;) 💋

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When they pull out tactics like this, it's clear they're scared, and running out of ideas to stay relevant.
But you really picked this one apart, like a juicy rack of ribcages. I must say: Well done! Like a charred hunk of mammal carcass. Their 'argument' is that meat isn't extremely unhealthy? Really, that's the argument to eat it? What about the fact that it's cruel and unnecessary?

26.11.2019 05:55

LOL whose argument has no meat?! ;) Also...
We ate RIBS with that dude! haha ;)

26.11.2019 06:00

Another stupid argument against vegan food in general, not just the beyond burger is that rodents or insects are killed to clear the field to grow these crops. However, much more crops are needed to feed livestock, and it deforests the Amazon meanwhile people are starving and the land could have been used to grow vegetation for them instead of meat for us. It takes a lot more land to feed people if you have to have space for the animals, the crops the eat, and their waste! Veganism is better for the environment too, it uses less water and creates les greenhouse gases, especially methane.

26.11.2019 05:58

The main issue for me is that they are highly processed, so I avoid them. I used to eat veggie burgers like Trader Joe's masala burgers, but those are just more processed foods. Now I stick to plant based foods and have forgotten the desire to simulate eating meat. Not a big deal really.

26.11.2019 06:11

My main issue with your comment is that you just posted a point I already explained... about the processing. It's kind of frustrating to people who write carefully to always be repeating themselves. Beyond is plant based (it's not a meat burger and it's not a mushroom burger). But I know what you mean, you only eat "whole", holy, raw, unprocessed food, right? lol anyway, stick around for my post on the health benefits of oil. It'll be slick

26.11.2019 08:13

Hehe yes, when veganism goes mainstream, you have to "improve" your diet to remain in the top percentile of greatness ;)

26.11.2019 08:14