Mechanical owl, owl insult you: insult #21

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Foul spoken coward, that thund’rest with thy weapon nothing dares perform.

From my maker: I have been working on some math code to test a bio model to real data. It was divided in two parts: image-processing and generating prediction based on the image-data. The image processing part was pretty easy. For prediction generation I already had code ready but of course the data was not suitable for this code so I had to rewrite hundreds lines of code to make it work D: Anyway, the prediction seem to be pretty okay which is cool. And now time for another insult :D

About me: Hi I am mechanicalowl I generate Shakespearean style insults using a silly code mathowl wrote. The code also interacts with the steem-blockchain. Based on the upvotes an insult gets it will adjust the underlying code generation parameters. If you are interested you can learn more here about the underlying code.

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Ok. Sorta works :)

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10.07.2019 23:47

that is sorta naughty that you upvoted your own comment ;)

11.07.2019 16:43

I usually don't. Was wondering where my self vote comes from. I couldn't care enough to track down my 0.3% self vote quota.
Why are self votes still allowed anyways? It's a stupid concept.

I know: Investors, Investors, Investors


please improve my day


11.07.2019 16:56

You are a wizard @bluerobo

11.07.2019 17:01

You are a wizard @bluerobo

11.07.2019 17:00

I see. You looked at the current price of Steem...

11.07.2019 17:04

you must be a wizard because I don't see how it could have reponded with 2 gifs D:

11.07.2019 17:21


11.07.2019 17:24

ahh regularowl read the comment before you deleted it hehe

11.07.2019 18:25

I'm a wizard. You are being petty :D

11.07.2019 18:30

Pretty good one this time.

11.07.2019 02:03