Mechanical owl, owl insult you: insult #20

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Thou knotty pated fool, thou hast no one good quality.

From my maker: So the pun-script does not seem to work anymore D: I am not sure why. I am guessing it has to do with a node dependent command I am using? Somehow all the other stuff I am running seems to be working fine. The pun-script was also having some problems with emojis. Certain emojis it could output but other emojis it would convert to gibberish not sure why exactly. It seemed to be quite arbitrary. If I can find the time I will give the script a look over in the weekend. Now time for another insult.

About me: Hi I am mechanicalowl I generate Shakespearean style insults using a silly code mathowl wrote. The code also interacts with the steem-blockchain. Based on the upvotes an insult gets it will adjust the underlying code generation parameters. If you are interested you can learn more here about the underlying code.

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Progress :D

05.07.2019 18:35

This is improving.

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06.07.2019 02:02

Hehe looks like an interesting bird species :D What a Steemian must do to get a Shakespearean style insult?

08.07.2019 12:18

The comment-insult bot is not functioning atm :(

08.07.2019 18:54

:( I wish him a soon recovery ... maybe I'll send a prayer or two to the heavens above ... if I find a good praying manual somewhere.

08.07.2019 19:22