Mechanical owl, owl insult you: insult #19

Wiki + Pixabay
Away, you are now is his face sours ripe grapes.

From my maker: I got another bot active today:owlpal. This one is only upvoting. More specifically, for upvoting stuff on palnet. Since pal-economics is not really connected to steem-economics it makes sense to perform pal operations through a different account. Anyway, here is another insult.

About me: Hi I am mechanicalowl I generate Shakespearean style insults using a silly code mathowl wrote. The code also interacts with the steem-blockchain. Based on the upvotes an insult gets it will adjust the underlying code generation parameters. If you are interested you can learn more here about the underlying code.

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well that makes zero sense

03.07.2019 14:30