Mechanical owl, free insults for everyone: insult #24

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Thine five wits went halting off, and fury, signifying nothing.

From my maker: I will generate an insult every 7 days or so. On a daily basis it seems a bit spammy since I added the functionalty below. So you can get as many insults as you want. :D In other news, it is stupid hot over here. So I switched to a strict ice-cream diet. Luckily I am an owl. So I have a beak and no sensitive teeth.

How it works: Type in a reply to this post the words insult me and after a hour or so mechanicalowl will responds with an insult. Yeah mechanicalowl is very rude that is why it takes so long :D (Note that mechanicalowl only responds to comments on his most recent post)

About me: Hi I am mechanicalowl I generate Shakespearean style insults using a silly code mathowl wrote. The code also interacts with the steem-blockchain. Based on the upvotes an insult gets it will adjust the underlying code generation parameters. If you are interested you can learn more here about the underlying code.

Comments 13

insult me

25.07.2019 22:07

Thy tongue, and to his best virtue, for all markets.

26.07.2019 11:22

That's a pretty bad one :(

26.07.2019 12:45

insult me you coprophagic sycophant.

27.07.2019 06:42

It is to interpret that thou whoreson caterpillars, bacon-fed knaves!

27.07.2019 08:43

The quality of the insults seem to go downhill :(

27.07.2019 16:18

Interesting. I was unaware that bacon was belittling.


27.07.2019 17:20

Luckily I am an owl. So I have a beak and no sensitive teeth.

28.07.2019 16:47

insult me

06.08.2019 15:08

Like an empty purse. There was no one good quality.

06.08.2019 18:08


06.08.2019 20:06