Free vs Pro vs Entrepreneur

I am a skeptic, hands down. If I don't like something about a program...I am gone like a bat out of hell. I never use to be like that though. I use to join everything, but then I lost lots of money, so I learned the hard way. I think that might be my middle

This time I was a little braver and bought in at the Pro level. You have to understand that when you join free, all you get is the teaser - that's one lick of the ice cream cone. Pro you get three licks and Entrepreneur lets you gobble the whole ice cream...yum!

So now I have decided that I want the whole ice cream cone because I've always liked the ClickTrackProfit community and with it having the attachment to the #steem #blockchain just makes it that much more attractive.

This weekend I am going to use some time to catch up, because whew it's been a krazy week . As with all new launches, everyone is busy promoting CTP, and already I am whizzing past the CTP splash pages in the traffic exchanges.

I decided that I need a branding page for myself so I dusted off Canva and did a basic page, then took it over to my blog and a splash page plugin that I bought and created this little baby. This will be my Page "A" and my "B" page will have the opt-in form. We will test this in the "Gauntlet" so I get some feedback.

Copy of My ClickTrackProfit (2).png

To see the complete page go to:

My Wordpress blog is coming along and I have started writing blog posts. They are still in draft format, and soon I will publish to Steem.

I do not know how Jon and Blain get so much done, but my horse seems awfully old and slow, seeing as the page I made took me four hours. What is time anyway?

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good job on your branding page looks good

24.08.2019 04:58

Well done on upgrading @mebroeck, and explaining your reasons behind that decision, plus your splash page looks really good, I had to slow down to read the multicolored text in the middle though, but nice branding, it's awesome.

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24.08.2019 19:23

Love that you've decided to "stretch yourself" and launch into previous unknown territory! Great looking splash page too! I love your phrase "Hitch a Ride on My Team"! That's great!

24.08.2019 20:18

Congrats on taking the leap, the landing is soft, a few bumps along the way, but never the less, youwill hit the ground running :)

24.08.2019 21:15

LOL A lot of coffee....And sleepless nights ;)

But it's worth it...Cause we get to read amazing posts like this.

Thank you so much for your support and sharing your experience so far :)

We do it all so that you guys get a great experience...And if there is ever a time we aren't please let us know...

BTW...Love the look of the design...Keep testing and tracking to see what pulls in the best results.

25.08.2019 06:06

This page caught my eye earlier today sadly not allot of what I see in traffic exchanges doles, But this page definitely did. You have personal branding the page is laid out nicely the only thing is you should think about building your list other than that is page looks great

26.08.2019 00:59

I am a skeptic, hands down. If I don't like something about a program...I am gone like a bat out of hell.

That's wise...

If something seems too good to be true, it probably is... so far I discovered Steem to be an exception, and I almost bailed on it when I first got to know the platform as it seemed soooo good.

And it really was!

26.08.2019 17:04