The Remote Controls Will Be Replaced By AI?


The clutter that we face everyday just to keep our buttocks on the couch. The vibratory motion of our molecular structure heats up the couch while we continue to accumulate this monstrous amount of remote control. Should I complain about this or should I be thinking about the disadvantages of replacing it with AI or even my own brain to change the channels? Are we going to watch this thin black mirrors in the near future? Are human beings really progressing as we are faced with reality that we are not? Are we going to convince ourselves that we are progressing as a life-form. What is the use of the remote control when all it does is control the black mirror against the wall? A lot of things to think about in the age that we now call as modern. The only solution is to stop looking at the black mirror. Take back our lives the way it use to be. Fin.

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