It Is Really Awkward To Be Neutral In The Modern World

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Being neutral is similar to the statement which states that an intelligence report is still unverified. Of course it is unverified but you have to make a decision based on a raw data instead of hesitating. You have to pick a side to support or else it will be too obvious that you are clueless.

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So we're clueless if we don't pick a side? Neutrality is a side. A person can be informed and still not pick a side or be considered hesitating., if only google and youtube were neutral.

05.07.2019 17:17

Real world picks a side just like the big corporations so why should not you. Neutrality is just a way to sugar coat your partiality.

05.07.2019 17:33

That sadly implies the world is either black or white.

This country is so polarized because of that belief and I refuse to be goaded into such a belief or promoting it. No sugar coating that.

07.07.2019 15:15

The favorite word of the defeated is the word polarize. We have impartial tribunals but in the end they have to make a decision or the court will experience a bottle neck. Promoting neutrality will not make the world less polarized since you are emphasizing that neutrality is a side.

08.07.2019 14:41