Indian Summer Season and Different species of Mangoes

The summer season of India will soon come to its peak point in the month of may , this means that time when one of the highest temperature is observed in India.

While i do not like summer season for many reasons i think is there that make me wait for this season and that reason are Mangoes.


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There are many species of mangoes that are found in India like Malda , Chausa , Disheri , Langra etc. these all are names in classic Indian languages.

Out of many of these my favourite species is Malda Mango. The best taste of malda mangoes is when they are of green colors and that is the time when they are in perfect shape and taste.

I know this because my grandfather is a farmer and he told me about this thing when i was a child. He also has a mango tree in his house and that is a malda mango tree.

Mango season has come who all likes mango ?

See all in coming post thanku

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very tasty . looks very safe to pick and eat

13.04.2021 00:40

yes mangoes are verry tasty

13.04.2021 08:51

Very informative post .

13.04.2021 09:17

thanku. @simaroy

13.04.2021 16:13