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Make a Post about a Security problem with Cryptocurrency and Share a personal experience if possible.



One of the most talked topics at the moment is cryptocurrency. The main purpose of which is to create a borderless investment, where no intermediaries are needed. An important point in cryptocurrency is that any coin can be easily converted from one to another. There is no need for an intermediary but it is not time consuming. Anyone can easily do cryptocurrency trade, anyone can buy any coin, and any type of coin can be traded without any hassle. Since cryptocurrency does not contain any physical coins or physical money, it is more likely to be fraud. But sadly many times miners' wallets are hacked. They can't protect their own wallet because they are mostly not aware of the security of the wallet.Many times various third parties or hackers take access to Miner's wallet and seize miner's hard-earned coins.


Security problem with cryptocurrency


The main problem about cryptocurrency is many people don't understand security and blockchain security. The hard-earned crypto coins can go into the hands of others in different ways. Those users who are new in cryptocurrency, don’t fully aware of it’s security and normally lose access of their wallet and stored money.

Some of the fraud attempts for getting access of others wallet are Cryptojacking, Dusting Attack, Denial of Service Attack (DoS Attack), Eclipse Attack andetcetera.

Among them, I am going to discuss about Cryptojacking which is a familiar types of attack.



Cryptojacking is the phenomenon of using one's computer system for mining crypto-currencies without his permission. Cybercriminals use infected computer through bitchy ways. For cryptojacking, the cyber criminals tactically let users install a software in their computer and the software uses computing power of the computer system to mine cryptocurrency. If the users go to the link and permit to install mining code of the user, the cybercriminals get access. Another way is to give the script on ads. If the victim clicks on the ads, the script automatically start to work and mining happens without the knowledge of the victim.


Prevention :

Anyone can fall into the trap of cryptojacking just clicking a link and giving permission. The victim may see a link or ads normal which may be a trap for him. So everyone should take some prevention measurements.

  1. Download ads blocker apps.
  2. Don't open unknown link or strange link.
  3. Don't share personal information with others and limit chat with unknown people.
  4. If you see a link offering reward from unknown people, avoid it.
  5. Always Keep your password in written form.


Regain after crypto jacking

To err is human. Although you take steps for prevention, sometimes you fall into trap. Then at first you should detect crypto jacking. Detecting crypto jacking is very difficult and failure may cause a lot of harm to the user and company. Some of the ways for detecting crypto jacking are overheating, increase CUP use, decrease performance and lastly you can use artificial intelligence like SecB.



If you able to find out crypto jacking then follow next steps.

  • Delete cryptojacking related script.
  • Block the website which provided script.
  • Update infected browser and operating system.


Personal experience


I am a newcomer in crypto ecosystem. I have no enough knowledge about it. So I always keep myself aloof from entering into such unknown link .


Firstly, I want to thank @gbenga for his informative class. Thank you everyone on this platform.

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I am a newcomer in crypto ecosystem. I have no enough knowledge about it. So I always keep myself aloof from entering into such unknown link

Either new or old,you need to secure your wallet because losing your wallet is as good as losing your funds in them.

  • In the image below, do you mean CPU or CUP?


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