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My dear friends!
This is @md-raju from #Bangladesh 🇧🇩*

I am a Bangladeshi. Bangladesh is my homeland. Bangladesh is my motherland. Equal to my mother in Bangladesh. My country is very beautiful. Bangladesh is a land of natural beauty. I love my country very much. My country is more beautiful than any other country. My country's rivers, canals, beels, mountains, culture, hospitality, everything is incomparable.1 lakh 47 thousand 570 square kilometers my country became independent in 1971.


Why Bangladesh Best

Sea Beach


Cox's Bazar beach in Bangladesh is the largest beach in the world. The length of Cox's Bazar beach is 150 km. The sea beauty of Bangladesh has captivated the minds of all the tourists from all over the world. Bangladesh has gained acceptance in the world for this beach. Today, people from all over the world know the beaches of Bangladesh and come to visit the beaches of Bangladesh. Bangladesh is full of amazing beauty. The sea beauty of Bangladesh has made Bangladesh eternal youth. This country is one of them. A little different from other countries.

Mangrove forest


I have already said that Bangladesh is unique in its natural beauty. Bangladesh is full of natural beauty. For this reason, various poets have called Bangladesh the queen of all countries and the queen of beauty. The Sundarbans is the largest mangrove forest in Bangladesh. This Sundarbans has a variety of wildlife including deer, tiger, crocodile. All these wild animals are the beauty of this country. No other country has so many Royal Bengal Tigers as Bangladesh.



Bangladesh is a riverine country. Thirteen rivers have flowed across the country. The Terosho River has made Bangladesh unique. Rivers, canals and beels of Bangladesh have enhanced the beauty of Bangladesh. There is no other country that has so many beautiful rivers like Bangladesh. The Padma River in Bangladesh is the second fastest river in the world. The first fastest river in the world is the Amazon. After that there is Padma of Bangladesh.


Bangladeshis have a worldwide reputation for entertaining guests. Bangladeshi people love guests. They love to care for guests. No other country has been able to show such hospitality as Bangladesh. Bangladesh is far ahead in terms of hospitality. That is why I love Bangladesh so much. This is why Bangladesh is different from other countries.


Such a large united nation like the Bengali nation is not seen anywhere else in the world. When a major disaster strikes, the Bengali nation is one of them. When the external enemies invaded Bangladesh, the Bengalis united and suppressed the enemy only with their morale. The people of Bangladesh are united. The people of Bangladesh love each other. The people of Bangladesh are living with the cooperation of each other


From the beginning, the Bengali nation is a patriot. As proof of this we can say that in 1971 the Bengalis jumped into the war only to liberate the country. Our freedom is achieved at the cost of 30 million lives. The language movement of 1952 also showed that the Bengali nation gave its life for the language.There is no other nation in the world as patriotic as the Bengali nation.Bangladesh is a unique, extraordinary.,incomparable. Bangladesh is the best

Three world heritage sites

Bangladesh has three ancient heritage sites which are not found in many countries. These sites are considered as World Heritage Sites.Visitors from all over the world come to our country to see these World Heritage Sites


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