What have you Discovered lately on steemit? (Over 50 steem pool prize giveaway)

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Inasmuch as we continue to live as humans, learning will forever be part of our life journey. Our existence on the steem blockchain gives us many opportunities to learn something new. No one on the steem blockchain is above learning. However, we all become students of this blockchain since it continues to teach us something new.

I bring to the notice of everyone an opportunity that enables you to share with us what you have learned later on the steem blockchain. Each day, people find new techniques and ways of doing things. Sharing they say is caring. And so it is very important to share with us all what you have discovered which may be so useful to someone else.

Newbies always have challenges of making their way through the steemit community during their early stages of existence. With time, they begin to unlock certain experiences that have hindered their growth on the blockchain. There are other people who through steem has also learned something which has some sort of improvement in their lives. This is what we invite you to share with us those experiences and techniques you have found.

About the Contest

This contest aims at sharing an experience or something unique you have discovered lately on the steemit blockchain through your steem journey. You may have spotted an analogy or a piece of educative information that may help someone else to be better of their version. I am hopeful that, through these discoveries and gathered experiences, others especially the newbies will develop something easier for their operation and various tasks.

You are not limited to a particular sector or topic of your discovery. Simply share with us anything you have found lately which you did not know before. Tell us what steem has taught you which you would want everyone to know about. Let us build and share a box of discoveries through our steem promotional activities and growth on the blockchain.

Contest Prize

1st Winner -20 steem
2nd Winner -15 steem
3rd Winner - 10 steem
NB: An appreciable amount of steem will be rewarded to all participants of this contest.

Terms & Conditions
  • In not less than 150 words, share with us something you have learned or discovered lately on steem which has improved your steem journey.
  • This contest is open to all steemians in any language of choice as your original entry devoid of plagiarism.
  • Make your entry title "What I have learned lately on steemit by @username."
  • All entries must be made through the promo steem community.
  • Don't forget to upvote, resteem, and comment on your entry under this post.
  • Use the tags #steemdiscovery, #promo-steem, #contest, #yourcountrytag etc as your tags for your entry.

I humbly request the support of all steemians and curators to offer the needed support to all participants of this contest even as they share with us the amazing discoveries here on the steem blockchain. I understand through our promotion journey and effort to survive on the steem blockchain, we have discovered and learned a lot which worth sharing. Get involved and let's know what you have also.

You are hereby encouraged to join the promo steem community on our discord channel every week even as we share, reward, and discuss the various activities that are planned to ensure more promotions on the steem blockchain. We will be glad also to receive support and delegations from all donors to help make the promotional work better and stronger in our effort to promote steem and steemit.

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Report by @mcsamm
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Comments 63

Great contest @mcsamm

26.05.2021 16:42


26.05.2021 17:12

This is a wonderfulcontest, and I hope people can learn from the shared stories.

26.05.2021 16:48

It is here to help us all learn from what others have discovered lately.

26.05.2021 17:12

ooops, my bad
Yes so we can all learn.

26.05.2021 17:16

Such a great contest. This contest will help unveil all hidden discoveries so we can learn to become better. Thanks for this contest.

26.05.2021 17:08

hope to see you share your entry as well.

26.05.2021 17:13

Another great and interesting contest enrolled, this is not just going to be a contest but a time for learning about new discoveries. I love the theme of this contest, thank you @mcsamm

26.05.2021 17:47

Thanks too for your words @collinz

26.05.2021 18:04

This is really great
I bet, we’re going to know hidden stuffs paaa 😃😅

26.05.2021 21:06

Hoping to see what you have learnt lately.

27.05.2021 02:26

Nice contest idea. :))

People move forward with experience. He skips the ladder of success as he experiences it on the Steemit platform. He has experiences in people around him with these experiences.
Everything unites with actions and experiences.

Steemit becomes beautiful with the experience and togetherness of all of us alone ;)

Best regards.

26.05.2021 21:42

You're so right about that. Thanks for your support.

27.05.2021 02:27

You're welcome :)

27.05.2021 18:46

You're the first entry. Thanks for participating.

27.05.2021 07:21

You're re welcome

27.05.2021 07:57

Nice one.

27.05.2021 15:13

Thank you sir 🙏🏼

27.05.2021 21:56

You always have a creative, educative and unique contest.

27.05.2021 12:03

l hope to see what you have discovered lately on steemit dear.

27.05.2021 15:12

I can't wait to share....

27.05.2021 15:49

Good one here.

27.05.2021 15:12

Thank you @mcsamm. It was a nice contest and I loved it.

27.05.2021 15:21

Thanks for yours bro.

27.05.2021 15:12

I hope to see your discovery helping others to be better too.

27.05.2021 15:11

Hi @mcsamm, My Entry. Thanks

27.05.2021 14:07

Great and lovely ones.

27.05.2021 15:11

Keep the good work...



27.05.2021 18:41

Good to see you bro

27.05.2021 19:07

Muy buena pregunta y no se si quieran saber mi último descubrimiento ja ja ja

28.05.2021 17:54

Thanks so much for this wonderful contest. This is my entry below

28.05.2021 22:12
29.05.2021 06:00

Thank you so much @mcsamm for this contest, below is the link to my entry

29.05.2021 13:48

Great contest, 😪 I saw it it late but will soon make my entry.

29.05.2021 18:31

What a great contest.

My participation link

31.05.2021 00:21

Hola amigo, ví el concurso un poco tarde sin embargo logré realizar mi entrada, Saludos

Mi Participación

01.06.2021 20:20