The Blockchain and Mobile Money.


Can we take a good look at something which needs the involvement of a lot of people in daily activities? It is all about the mobile money system which is introduced by telcoms here in Africa. It's a system which allows customers to make life more interesting. Not only do these networks provide call and internet service but doing financial activities as well. One challenge that blockhain and the crypto world has faced is the fact that, banks and financial institutions are afraid of taking away customers. Some evwn believe the Blockchain has a special way to collapse some banks hence doing everything possible to stop its operation in some parts of the world. But here's one interesting thing to notice.

The money money service by telecoms has achieved its purpose of allowing customers of the various networks to transact businesses with others on their mobile device. Among the telecoms that do this is the MTN VODAFONE AIRTELTIGO and GLO. They all run a mobile money service which allows people to send and receive monies on their mobile device without visiting any bank. What makes the mobile money service so good is the fact that, it is available anywhere and at any time. Ghanaians are able to withdraw or send money to a loved one anywhere and anytime. All one need to do is get your number registered to have a mobile money service using your pin or password. It is so fast and easy. Most people prefer making use of the momo service more than visiting a bank.


A recent survey has got this news trending in Ghana here. Financial institutions have complained and wished the money service is out of the community. Simply because people do trust the mobile money service more than financial institutions. Ghanaians do not want to join a qeue to send or receive money at the bank. Doing same on your phone is faster and easier. This certainly was the idea of financial institutions when they saw Cryptocurrency gaining grounds with Ghanaian community. What banks wanted to stop crypto from doing is now done by mobile money system.
People feel secured and safe to load their monies on to their mobile devices with mobile money services but not saving at bank.

I am still challenging Ghanaians and the world to try Cryptocurrency and both banks and the mobile money service will be a thing of the past. Financial institutions and the mobile money service by telecoms come with a cost. The amount one is deducted after a successful transaction is sometimes not reasonable. Compared to a crypto where they become transaction free. Steem, telos, challengedac, btc, sbd, eos, and Newdex can make the world simpler for Ghanaians by designing a transaction free system where people can pay bills, fees, shop and send money without a deduction or a reasonable deduction.

It must be added that, blockhain activities are more safer and much better than what l have seen with banks amd mobile money system. The digital world has made things easier for people to enjoy a better world than what is felt here. This is what we hope to see in the crypto world.
I think the block will always win over banking activities and mobile money services if well adopted and features added to make things work. Newdex and CHL should be take into consideration features to make users make use of tokens to help in daily transactions.


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Thanks bro. We need a whole new better world.

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WMaybe we ill get that better world with near free internet for students and productive individuals easy Phone Data from your @phonedata DATA token with @yyensesa @sesacash and @mobilemoney @mtn MTN token, @phonedata will lay groundwork, yensesa will do MTN token one day, data token can be sold to compete and become basis for a future vodafonetoken :) But these are just some ideas!)

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