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Talking about making the world a better place surely includes taking into consideration the children we live with. They are certainly those ones who own the future. This is much deeper than the usual perception that most people believe in. The earlier we treat children as special, the better for every society. I am still looking forward to seeing the day when government agencies, individuals, companies and other people will begin to see the effort of some people to the growth of a society. There is a lot more going on which l believe we definitely have to share. Maybe this will obviously change the way some people see other things.

My focus today lies on the misconception that surrounds cryptocurrency in some parts of the world especially Ghana. Many more are mislead to get involved in any blockchain activity. But the world feels so excited to be seen making noise on non-profitable platforms which do not even know of their existence. This l see a complete waste of time and internet data. We belong to a family that cares so much not just about us but those around us as well. they have really played a significant role in making society a place to live. This is what blockchain has brought to the world.


However, we never will stop to share blockchain activities and cryptocurrency for its adoption. We need to involve people to see the great things that cryptocurrency has done. The government does not even know the existence of young girls who cannot afford a daily meal. Some school-going children with a beautiful future cannot get themselves writing materials to make their learning much easier. But cryptocurrency with the help of blockchain activities has supported young girls here in Ghana by providing for the free exercise books, school uniforms, and other writing materials.

I feel super excited to be part of this project which has already started here in Africa. The @girlsfoundation was created and designed on the steem blockchain to cater to young girls in schools who were good but do not have the materials to make their stay in schools a good one. The direction of @surfyogi and @ackza has kept and maintained the foundation to where is now. It really was made to ensure its sustainability to put a smile on the face of these girls in school. We are so happy to see many other blockchain technologies like telos and ChallengDac which is here to support this idea. With the help and support of ChallengeDac, the girl's foundation will continue to ensure the distribution of writing and educational materials to make life much better for people here in Africa. By so doing, we will get the world to see the great and amazing stuff that blockchain activities do. Not even the government has seen the existence of young girls like this in Africa.


Let us share the magic that steem blockchain has started which we hope to build things up on telos and the challenged community in the blockchain industry. I am in full support of this challenge to help support young brilliant girls in school right here in Africa. If you support this project too, join telos, ChallengeDac, Newdex steem and any other blockchain technology which will be used as the new technology to create a beautiful platform to support young girls in education. This is the new world. Let us make it better with blockchain technology.


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