How do we make internet data work on Newdex, telos and CHL?


One of the most powerful and strongest working Telecommunications in Ghana is the Vodafone. It has existed for years in which their operation has dominated the usage of internet data in the country. Indeed there are other strong telecoms that work so well like MTN, Tigo, Glo, and Airtel. They all have contributed so well to national growth by providing Ghanaians with a professional service to make the internet home. I have got the chance to work with Mtn and Vodafone for some time now and there seems to be a common problem which many people face with these internet service providers.

Technology which has gained popularity not only here in Ghana but anywhere in the world in our days has got all of us working here on the steem blockchain platforms. Each day, a lot of people are seen here at the internet cafe of Vodafone where they get internet at a very affordable price and at top speed. It would have been much easier and better for individuals to sit at the comfort of their homes and browse with ease without walking or carrying their laptops to the Vodafone internet cafe for a cheaper and better service.


This is seen simply because it is only the working class who can afford to purchase internet data to work at their various homes and offices. Students and the rest of the individuals who cannot afford to purchase the data would have to walk over to this cafe for a cheaper and better internet connection. We have in every possible way shared blockchain technology with most of the youth that is seen here to help them get value for what they spend.

The existence of Newdex has been a great place to and an avenue for people to create value for everything they do. The existence of blockchain technology like telos and the challengeDac is a beautiful idea to share with people who are seen here to make use of internet data. Internet data has always been so expensive here in Ghana and Africa as a whole. I am now looking at how to get people informed of the rewards and plans made to help them work with the CHL and Newdex which come with promising features. It would have been wonderful if Newdex is designed to reward people here to help generate a token for internet data which they would be used to stay at the comfort of their homes without walking to this place.


However, a challenge may be initiated on the challengeDapp to help share tokens to reward members of the blockchain community. This will in return help the youth to get on board to promote newdex and many other blockchain platforms. Let us get talking and see the best ways to help make newdex, telos, challengedapp and other technologies to support people here in Africa who would want to get easy access to the internet to do more. Life will be much easier and better with these opportunities. you may drop your comments to help share ideas on using newdex and other platforms to support users of internet data on the blockchain platforms.

Let us work and invest our time and energy in this new technology which has promised us a beautiful community to ensure growth with girls. You simply cannot be left out. Join ChallengeDac now on Newdex.

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I will tell you how man, with DATA token soon to be on telso and the RORY special! one bancor liquidity pool for @sqrl wallet please !

29.11.2019 08:11

Great. We look forward to seeing great features.

29.11.2019 11:19

BIG news to see these posts! we will show @eoskent on make sure you come post more videos like @citimillz you can achieve a lot with us in Ghana and Nigeria!

29.11.2019 09:01

Ohk. I surely will. Thanks for this.

29.11.2019 11:20

Amazing work! let us workout together to build these technologies that will benefit the lives of many!

30.11.2019 06:25

Thank you.

30.11.2019 10:11