The giant of Africa
Most populous black nation
A land of great fountains
Where honey flows like rivers
The home of natural endowments
Abode of natural resources
The pride of the continent
A land of incomparable bliss

Till her soil; for countless treasures abide therein
Explore her plains; to experience enchanted pleasures
An earthly paradise it is
Where men dwell with ease
My fatherland was a land of peace
Differences of religion and region
With diversities that are legion
And multitudinous disharmonious cultures
Does not crumble the land to pieces

My motherland, full of wonderful adventures
Forests of magnificent trees
Bearing sweet fruits and seeds
Obeche, iroko, mahogany
Mountains of gargantuan enormity
Hills, rocks of fortune
The waters of the Savannah
Game reserves and wildlife
Are but few of her wonderment

The deciduous trees of the Sahel
Alluvial soils of the plains
Fluvial sands of the bays
The chilling atmosphere of the sea
Ancient crafts of blessed memories
Artefacts of invaluable treasures
Mysteries of legends and myths
Histories of heroes with great might
Those who fought bravely for all
Men of valor
With mouth-agape tales of victory
All abound in our dear nation

But not the same anymore
All the bounties that was
In the lofty deposit
Are being wasted in vain
Conditions keep getting worse
As our nation sails forwardly backward
In the journey of 'sixty' years

Now, a minion in Africa
Whose peace had been torn to pieces
Insurgencies; the rampant menace
Fuelled by intolerance
Over our multiple diversity.

Our serene landscape
The fruitful vegetation
Are mostly in ruins
Many Minerals; abandoned
Natural resources; untapped
But for the exhaustible oil
That damaged the lands
The sad reality of the day
Bad leaders with mantle of authority
Downplay judgement of the Almighty
Vicious followers trailing behind
Without any iota of love in mind
The selfless efforts of our heroes
Is being dragged in the mud
Deeply we sink into mess
By the seconds and minutes that ticks

O Nigeria!
What had befallen thee?
Why art thou in this state?
Arise O Compatriots!
Get ready, fellow Patriots!
To revive the past glory
To redeem the challenges
To build a nation
Where peace and love reigns.
...............................Written by Mcpsalmmuelinfix

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