Faith and Democracy

What is faith ?

What is Democracy?

Some countries claim their people have faith.

Some countries claim they have democracy,too.

But why those countries are either poor with material or poor with spirit ?

Because there are two different kinds of Faith and two different kinds of Democracy.

The real Faith is from people's belief but not from people's fear.

In some countries, you are forced to believe either the Party or the Party's theory . If you don't do it, you will be punished or you even will be put into the prison. The people in those countries fear for the Party, they can not speak freely, they can not think freely, they can not live freely even.Those people who are just slave but not citizen.Those people will not have imagination,creativity and vitality.

The real Democracy is giving to the people but not taking from people.

In some countries, the so-called democracy is just for show. The law is to restrict on ordinary people but not the ruling party and the member of ruling party. That is why many student's dreams are to be a member of ruling party but not enginner,scientist,lawyer,architect,doctor,etc.

It is very sad for those students. It is very sad for those people. It is very sad for those counties. Becaue there is no future for them......

Hoping the real Faith and real Democracy will be spread to all over the world very soon...But it will cost life and time... But it is worthy and significative...


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