Homework task 5 by professor @gbenga DDoS attack in detail.

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Thanks to @steemitblog and professor @gbenga for enlightening users on crypto-related security issues.

Due to the increase in cybercrime perpetuated online daily, the number of phishing and hacking activities is rising, today I was curious and did a little research about DoS attack also referred to as Denial of service attack

What is DoS attack

It's a networking terminology where an attack can be hosted against a website or any online available platform in which users will be denied direct access/connection to any particular website on which the attack is hosted on.
In other words, it's generally a cyber attack where hackers get access to a machine or network resource making it unavailable for users by temporarily disrupting the network service of a host connected to the internet.

Denial of service is typically accomplished by flooding the targeted machine or resource with superfluous requests in an attempt to overload systems and prevent some or all legitimate requests from being fulfilled.

Research shows servers prone to DoS attacks are mainly high-profile web servers such as financial services, credit card payment gateways, and more.
It's quite technical how these perpetrators work by launching their attack from different originated sources which makes it quite difficult for the affected servers to easily block where these attacks are flooding from.

With this flooded traffic generated by the perpetrator, it will be difficult for a visit to have access to the affected webpage.

There are technical two types of DoS attack

  1. Distributed denial of service attack (DDoS)
  2. Flood service attack

    1. The DDoS attack is found more effective as it can result in a crash of the server while the flooding service attack can only disrupt a couple of hours or days before it can be resolve by an expert.
    Signs to watch out for which could portray a website or server is showing symptoms of DoS attack

    . Slow performance of network: while there could be other reasons for slow network/server performance it is also advisable for web host managers to always check out the performance of their website to stay alert against any external threat.

    . Unavailability of the website: when any website has been attacking using DoS it will be technically unavailable pending till when it's resolved.

    Defensive measure of DoS attack

    Early detection of illegitimate traffic using detection classified tools aiming to block that illegitimate traffic will be the best defensive measure against DoS attack. there are multiple tools used for detecting and blocking DoS attacks today which means there are provided means of avoiding such attacks if all necessary measures are used to protect these servers there will be a minimum attack on the server.

    DoS attack covers a large scope of studies which will need much learning and research to fully understand the scope, Interested users can carry on further research about DoS for full understanding.
    There are available ebooks and materials online to help you get an understanding of DoS.

    personal experience

    The first time I experienced a DDoS attack on a website I had little idea of what it is so I just thought it was a normal traffic problem so I had to visit the website again in few hours and I had access to the website, as usual, DDoS attack is easily detected on websites and resolve quickly.

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