What You Have Learned From Steem - Contest Week IV (Steem has made myself even more useful)


Hello steemians ...
Hello my brothers, @blacks and @abduhawab ...

Introducing, my name is @mc-jack, I come from a small town called Aceh Tamiang, located at the eastern tip of Aceh Province, Indonesia. I am not as deep in understanding how steem, steemit, or cryptocurrency as most other people do. I understand very little.

Well, now I will start telling from the beginning, I joined this steemit platform in early January 2018, from there I started to introduce myself to this platform, then made posts of course. About 1 year I played Steemit, finally I was inactive, and I didn't play anymore for 2 years.

And, this month, precisely on May 2, 2021, thanks to the help and encouragement of people who I consider to be my steemit teacher, Mr @radjasalman, I re-opened a steemit account that I had left for a long time, from Mr. @radjasalman I re-learned about steemit This, it turns out that there have been many changes since I left Steemit 2 years ago.

Mr. @radjasalman explained how I should start again, he explained to me to make Introduce your self again, and I immediately did it without delay.

This is the link to introduce me for the second time:


Okay, I will explain a little about what I understand about Steem, and please if my writing is wrong, please correct it, because I can only write what I understand, and that is not necessarily true.

I will explain about steemit first, Steemit is a blockchain-based social media platform that has been around for about 7 years, while steem is a cryptocurrency rather than steemit.

We will find vast differences between this social media platform called steemit and other social media platforms. In steemit, each of your works or content will be rewarded with a vote given by the reader, the higher the steem power that votes for your content, the higher the nominal number you get, this is one of the advantages of steemit, you will not get it. like this on other social media platforms, for example Faceebook, if your content gets thumbs up or "likes" by readers, it can be said that thumbs up or "likes" are just an illusion, not real and cannot be cashed. In Steemit you can.

Steem is a digital currency (criprocurrency), and there are two other digital currencies that depend on steem, namely Steem Dollar and Steem Power, and we can also buy or sell this steem from the open market, while in Steemit you will get it with without capital, it only takes confidence and consistency in creating content, each of your content will be assessed and given curation by a curator, so that every day Steemit will make this steem.

So, it's best if every steem you get from steemit, immediately power up to steem power, so that the more steem power you have every day, it will affect the curation value you give to yourself or your friends. This will really pave the way for Steemit in the future, I will give a picture like this; If someone gives a vote to your post with an account that has Steem Power 1,000, then the nominal value of the Dollar ($) number you get is also a lot, it's different from the voter on your post that only has Steem Power 100, this will be different 10-fold between the two.

The conclusions that I can draw while getting to know the Steemit platform and knowing what steem, steem power and SBD are, I feel that every one of my works will be appreciated here, everything will not be in vain, which will definitely affect my daily activities, what am I do definitely more useful every day. This is truly extraordinary.

Alright, that's all as an illustration of my knowledge about steem that I have learned so far, hopefully it will be useful for all readers.

And, I would like to say a big thank you to brothers @blacks and @abduhawab, who initiated this contest, I am very happy to be able to participate and join the Beauty of Creativity Community.

Always warm greetings from me ...


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Hi @mc-jack, thank for the entry.

24.05.2021 16:36

You'r wellcome my bro @abduhawab

24.05.2021 16:43