STEEM Investing Contest 8th Edition || Power Up a 316.643 SP between July 20-27 || Next Target 1k SP || 25℅ to @steem.amal

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Good morning everyone on Steem education community, I'm @mbemba2310. Few days ago I saw this contest, and now I decided to make my entry.. I have been building my Steem power, all the earning have made I made sure I power it up.

I want to become a dolphin before the end of this year and I believe I can achieve it if you guys support me, I made sure I participate in any contest, follow the rules and also make sure my article is plaigiraism free.

Have been on Steemit platform for some months now and I must confess am learning new things, meeting new people and connecting with great mindset and improving my way of life. All this and lot more I have achieved on this platform and I hope to continue.

Powering up is very important for all Steemit users. Power up will make the resource credit to increase, also the upvote value will be increased as week resulting in a higher reward for the content we upvote.

This automatically raises the curation rewards we earn for upvoting wonderful content.

Like I stated earlier, the power up contest started few days ago, and since then have been powering up.

20th of July I have a total of 404.818 SP and I keep powering up and today being 27th of July I now have a total of 719.461 SP

Below is the screenshot of the proof

404.818 STEEM

719.461 STEEM

You can see from the screenshot above, the SP I had on 20th of July and the total I have now today 27th of July. Calculating it I have successfully powered up a total of 316.643 STEEM

I am glad am building my Steem power, gradually I will get to 1k SP, and I can support newbies with my little upvote 🥰💪.

This is my Achievement 1 task Here

Special thanks to @irawandedy for organizing this amazing contest

Successfully shared 25% payout reward to @steem.amal

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