Crypto Academy Week 7 Homework Post for @stream4u

Money Management

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Money management is the way or the technique we use handle our capital set aside for investment to gain more profits.

In a nutshell, money management is the way we handle our savings, investment and budgets this is to ensure or maximize more profits.

Future plan on money management

For now I don't really have much plan due to financial reasons. But with time and with the money I earn on steemit am planning to invest in cryptocurrency and oils company.

My plan to invest in cryptocurrency

I have it in mind to split my capital into 6 equal parts, then I will look for 6 different coin with good project but before I dive into the I will make sure I make proper research on any coin I want to invest on, I will make sure I check the white paper and the coin project before I jump into it this is to ensure proper money management.
And about the oil investment am planning to buy shares in one of the biggest oil company in Nigeria.

Portfolio Management, if you have an investment and if it is okay with you then show portfolio and explore it briefly.

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Portfolio Management refers to the way we manage the assets on our crypto wallet to maximize our profits.

Portfolio Management allow you to track your assets to see how it is performing in the market this is to ensure of you are making profit or not.

I haven't started trading so now I don't have any portfolio but with time I will have my own portfolio

Future plan on your Portfolio Management

When am financial stable and ready to start trading I will make sure I spilt my capital.

I will invest in coin that have good project not only good project though the ones with large market capitalization, coins like Steem,doge, dent and Ada.

When was the last investment failed and Why? (those who have experienced this can provide views.)

My last investment was on Lvp forum, this platform allow users to earn while reading, commenting and sharing news.

I registered with the sum of N3000 almost $9 back then, the withdrawal date was every 21st of each month and the minimum amount is N5000, I dedicated my time and data in 3 weeks have gotten to the N5000 so 21st of that month I placed withdrawal. But the next day the CEO of the platform told us that the site as been hacked and all the funds are gone.
I login and discover that all my money were gone.
I lost hope and since then I have stop anything related to Ponzi scheme.

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