Crypto Academy Week 2 Homework Post for @besticofinder | Create a simple beginners guide for any leading cryptocurrency exchange explaining how to complete registering, verification, depositing funds, withdrawing funds

Good day everyone, welcome to my first ever homework task. Today I will base on the assigment given by proffesor @besticofinder.


How to create account on Binance

You can create an account on Binance by visiting the website here or betterstill download the app.

I downloaded the app on playstore as an andriod user.

  • After you have successfully download and install the app.
  • Lunch the app, and click on login/register at the upper side of the screen


  • A page will appear, input your email and the password you want to use. Make sure you use a strong password that contain atleast 1 uppercase letter, 1 lowercase letter, 1 numerial and 1 characters.
    Example: Ibramovic@9808.


After that a verification code will be sent to your email, open your mail box and copy the code.
Paste the copied code and click on "Create account"

Securities on Binance

They are 4 different way you can use to secure your account on Binance.

  • First you can secure your account by using Google Authentication
  • You can secure your account using SMS Authentication
  • You can also secure your account through Email Authentication
  • You can futher secure your account through Security Key Authentication


How to deposit funds on Binance

I will be using BTC as example here, to deposit BTC on Binance.
First you have to login to your Binance account then you click on wallet at the lower side of the screen.


It will redirect you to another page, here you will click on "Deposit" then you select the type of currency you want to deposit either crypto or fiat.
Since we are depositing BTC which is crypto we select crypto and click on BTC.


After that another page will pop up. You the scroll down and copy the address of the BTC.


How to withdraw funds on Binance

The instructions is simple and straight foward just like depositing on Binance.

First you login to your Binance account, click on "Wallet" but now instead of clicking on "Deposit" you click on "Withdraw".

It will then redirect you to a new page, this will show the list of assets you have, either crypto or fiat, select the assest you want to withdraw.


Scroll down, paste the destination address and the amount you want to withdraw.


First I appreciate the Almighty God for this wonderful previlages, and also a special thanks to @steemitblog and to my wonderful professor @besticofinder

Cc: @steemcurator01
Cc: @steemcurator02

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