Achievement 3 by @mbemba2310 Task : Content Etiquette

Greetings, Steemians! I hope everything is going well for you.
As a novice to the steemit community, I will be completing Task 3 today. I'm thrilled I'm getting somewhere.

Every functioning community or unique population has rules that guide each member's behaviors. PLAGIARISM was the first unpleasant conduct of the community that was brought to my attention even before I was officially admitted into the steemit community. In fact, it sounded like a warning.

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What is Plagiarism

Plagiarism is just stealing someone else's work and presenting it as your own without referencing or crediting the original creator.

Plagiarism can take many forms, ranging from using a complete essay to rewriting a single paragraph, but it always boils down to passing off someone else's idea, words, text, or ideas as your own.

Types of Plagiarism

Direct pliagrism:- This simply refers to the use of a paragraph or copying from another source without citing it. If someone truly wants to incorporate their work, they must learn to quote it.

SELF PLAGIARISM:- When a student uploads past work or combines portions of past work without permission from his or her teacher, this is known as self plagiarism. It can also happen when someone submits the identical piece of work to multiple professors without their consent.

MOSAIC PLAGIARISM: This is when someone borrows phrases from a source without quoting or using similar words for the author's words, instead sticking to the original and general pattern. It is also known as patch writing. In addition, it is academically dishonest.

ACCIDENTAL PLAGIARISM: This happens when someone fails to cite their sources or propose the original owner's words or ideas, instead opting for a comparable work or a synonym. Academically, this is equally unethical and penalized.

How to Avoid Plaigiraism

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Plagiarism might happen accidentally at times, especially when one is new to writing. There are now a few options for avoiding these blunders. I'll give you a few examples:

Rewriting a source's ideas or information into your own words without affecting its meaning is known as paraphrasing.

Make your own suggestion.
Instead of repeating the source's thoughts or words, think about what you can add to the conversation.

Proper citing
Make sure you cite your source properly and avoid copyright image or video

Make use of a plagiarism detector.
There are various plagiarism checks available online, including one from Small SEO Tools. Grammarly also includes a free plagiarism checker that checks your writing for plagiarized content."

You can access Small SEO Tools here


I have read and understand the Content Etiquette on Steemit and I vow to do my best to embraced them

Thank you all for reading

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