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Today for me Had a very happy day .I want to share some of my memories with you about today .Moments of Happiness Sometimes a human comes to the head .We should try to keep humans happy .in life Some moments also come which humans can not forget And they always remain memories .I want to share my happiness with you today .

Early in the morning

I got up early in the morning according to my routine It was 5:00 when i saw the time .After being fresh, I did the wazoo and walked towards the mosque. There i Outperformed prayers .The mosque is a place where a person is relieved. I left after praying .

Morning walk

I went for a morning walk as per my routine .I love the fresh air in the morning .greenery in the morning Turns the eyes Again in beautiful view .Morning walk is very much a machine for human health .After walking I lay back on the way home .



After morning walk when I came home So i have breakfast .I felt like a strong person after breakfast .In my breakfast bread ,Lassi,Butter loaves etc.

This is very healthy breakfast.

Went to friend's farm

Some time i stayed at home .After a while I went to my friend .My friend vegetable growing farm .When I got there, my friends were there to meet me. And He made me welcome .After some gossip ,He made me visit his farm .He had grown all kinds of vegetables there .He quoted me to all the vegetables and gave me all information.It was a new thing to me .After staying there for a while I returned home .


Read book

After coming home i rested for a while.After that I opened my book and red the book.The one who was studying in the book was of Physics .This book was awesome .If seen in the science subject, then physics is an interesting subject. I closed this book after doing a topic .Today, the topic that I prepared was called x-ray diffraction.I was feeling great after loving this topic.It was now 2:00 AM .Namaz zahr time was over.


After praying :

After offering prayers

I went to sleep

Because i was feeling tired .It was 4:00 when I woke up after some sleep later.After some time the voice of Azan started coming from the mosque. Then I went towards the Masjid when the prayers were done. After Namaz,I went for a walk with my friend .After a few strolls, when I returned, The sun was setting .This sight was going to turn fresh minds again .I made some pictures to start with my mobile .I caught the view of the sun getting hot .After that, my friend and I returned home .My friend went to his house and i came to my house .

Birthday party

Today i had a friend's birthday .He invited all the friends toaday in evening.After having dinner, I walked towards my friend's house .My other friends also came there .All my friends were very happy to see me .Because after a long time went to meet with my friends .After getting there i congratulated my friend And express wishes with my friend.After that we all got together Cut her anniversary cake .Happy Birthday sound was coming everywhere ,Which sounded great to the ears .Then from friend's side Birthday Boy received a lot of gifts .



It's time for bed

I'd been fatigued all day from work, so I figured this would be a good time to unwind.
You will undoubtedly be delighted to read about the atmosphere of my entire day.
And it will make me extremely glad if you tell me something better for me.
After that, I'd like permission to rest.
Take care, everyone, and may Allah bless you.

Best of luck



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