The importance of privacy in the blockchain technology cannot be over-emphasized. Several people have their individual reasons why they want their transactions on the blockchain technology to be private without being known to a third party.

Just like I have always said on my blog, there’s no limit to what the technology of blockchain is capable of achieving and as such, I have termed it to be the next technological revolution. But notwithstanding, we cannot deny the fact that the blockchain technology is still being very much challenged with security issues which is the reason why some folks still find it difficult to continue adopting the technology.
ow does it feel when you make a transaction with your bitcoin wallet tonight only for you to wake up the following morning and find out that your wallet is empty? Now that sounds bit scary but the truth is that it happens to people in reaeality.

Then younext question might be that how on earth is that possible if your private keys is only known to you? Then the cyber criminals will lady give you a scary answer that hell yeah. This is because bitcoin blockchain network is public, anybody can monitor your transaction, anyone can know the worth of yur wallet, then hackers can easily device means of hacking into it.

But come to think of it, if it’s possible for you to make your transactions on the blockchain absolutely anonymous without any third party being able to see any details of your transaction except the two transacting parties, then wouldn’t it go a long way to make funds more secured?

ts on this idea that projets like Dash, Zcaash and Monero have developed their technology but its unfortunate that this isn’t just enough, the reason being that they are being built on blockchain 1.0 which does not support smart contracts.
It is in lieu of creating a better privacy coin blockchain that gave birth to SuperZero patform.

SuperZerro is the first privacy coin blockchain project that support smart contracts also with the support of encrypted cryptocurrency creation by blockchain developers.
With the awesome innovation being brought up by the set of team behind this project, then you will agree with me that privacy on blockchain technology is now on anoth level.

Whatat makes SuperZero super-different from its other Privacy project counterparts?

  • A sophisticated algorithm featuring an innovative UTXO technology and Account mixed mode
  • Incomparable speed through the use of Zero-knowledge proof encryption library which happens to be the world’s fastest Zero-Knowledge proof encryption library
  • Second to none security with algorithm that conceals identity and makes it practically impossible to hack user’s data or information
  • SERO Flight-Light wallet with exclusive features such as excellent user interface, advance security features, among others
  • Global nodes with over 10,000 nodes around the world that ensures he speedy confirmation of every transaction and
  • Multiple token support that allows developers to build their own privacy coin on the blockchain as a result of the smart contract integration which is absent on other privacy coinojects.

    This proproject has real world usecase scenarios such as online auction, medical health, online casino, supply chain system and onliaming.

    Other exr exclusive features of SERO platform includes;

    • Untraceable nature of the transactions on the network which makes attack impossible
    • Practicality principles
    • Optional auditing solutions and
    • Anti-statistical analysis.
      Having seeing the excellent innovation being brought to us all by the SuperZero platform, it is therefore conspicuous that the technology is set to take blockchain privacy to the next level through its blockchain 2.0 based technology. Therefore, I urge you all to check out this project and have a feel of how uncompromised privacy s like.

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