CORIONX: Taking Cryptocurrency Adoption to the Next level via Stablecoins


Homo Sapiens (Humans) have been known right from inception to be lovers of transactions and businesses. Each and everyday of our lives we have a reason or the other to make transactions within ourselves, and we all know that to make successful business transactions, there need to be a generally accepted medium of payment between both parties. This however is the idea behind creation of money which has developed through several centuries ago to what it is now.

Without boring us with too much history, technology as we all know has made a conspicuous and highly tremendous improvement in not only all global sectors but also in the finance sectors as well, one are the days when human beings only transacted through the means of physical money and coins, we now have electronic transfers which can be turned into physical notes within minutes through several financial institutions.

As we all know that in this present world that we are, there’s a constant word that is non-avoidable among everyone and every sector, that is the word change. All thanks to the Satoshi nakamoto that brought about a revolutionary change in the medium of transaction within humans by inventing bitcoin in order to get rid middlemen that makes these transactions slow and tiring, bitcoin ever since it was founded has gained a satisfactory level of adoption by lot of individuals, but a very crucial constraint of bitcoin usage that restricts majority of individuals and organizations to accept it as their legal tender is its highly volatile nature.

This is the same reason behind the creation of stable coins by several projects in the blockchain space in order to further enhance the adoption of cryptocurrency but so far the result hasn’t been too encouraging.

This exactly is the reason behind the launch of CorionX platform to bring tremendous improvements to cryptocurrency adoption through stablecoins.

Introducing CorionPay stablecoin

This is a platform created by Corion Foundation which is a Swiss based foundation founded in the year 2016. The main aim behind the establishment of this foundation is to help the development and expansion of stablecoins and cryptocurrency globally and so far, the foundation has been able to do this over time through their support of digital payments, DeFi and CBDCs adoption.


The idea behind the creation of CorionPay stablecoin by Corion Foundation is not just to create a stablecoin that’ll be an ordinary intermediary on cryptocurrency exchanges like several other stablecoins in circulation, rather the platform is working towards global adoption of stablecoins and other cryptocurrencies in our everyday life. CorionX which is a utility token will therefore serve as an incentive for all users of the platform who uses cryptocurrency and stablecoins.
Isn’t that awesome?

Listed below are the various activities to be carried out by Corion Foundation to further enhance the adoption of stablecoins and Defi

  • Identification of stablecoin projects and bringing them together to explore ways to collaborate
  • Making of market researches and sharing results with participating stablecoins/crypto projects
  • Making series of interviews with experts in the industry
  • Launching and supporting Stablecoin movement alongside its campaign programs
    *Promotion and growth of stablecoins ecosystem in general among several others.


Other interesting features being offered by Corion Foundation

  • Provision of wallets that can store and transact stablecoins alongside CBDCs
  • Availability of exchanges interface to provide liquidity for stablecoins and other crypto for all users
  • Integration with payment gateways to enhance cross border payments
  • Availability of lending, decentralized finance and other open finance platforms and
  • Availability of other traditional and crypto businesses and platforms which increases the usecases of stablecoins and CBCs.

    Token Details

    The native token of the platform is CORX utility token (Erc-20 based) which will be used in supporting the development of stablecoin users community and shall serve as the gas for adoption of stablecoins. The total supply of the token is 400,000,000. CORX has several usecases such as; medium of access services of the platform by stablecoin projects and other cryptocurrencies, payment of membership fees and other fees on the platform, availability of staking program for token holders, use of the token as incentives to promote stablecoin users among several others.

Conclusively, we all have seen the excellent strategy being put in place by CorionX to further increase the adoption of cryptocurrencies and stablecoins, not only is the team behind the project more than capable of delivering efficiently but also, they are made up of experienced and professional developers which in no doubt will make the platform one of the best in the blockchain and finance industry. This is surely not a platform to miss out on!

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