Still Life Drawing

Hello Steemains!

Today, I present to you my latest piece of art. It is a still life drawing of a pair of my football boot. I set them in such a way they will difficult to draw.


Looking at the work, one can vividly tell that light was coming from the opposite side of where I stood.

I first made an outline sketching of the boots.

Thereafter, I worked on the one which was closer to me.

Finally, I worked on the other boot and made some lines as the base.

Thank you.

Comments 2

Beautifully made! Still life is what I'm focusing and trying to improve right now and I really want to learn how to make portraits similar to your style!

06.12.2019 10:28

Thank you. Capturing a realistic still life drawing requires focus and the ability to see and understand where light is coming from and the shadow.

I wish you the best in your study.

06.12.2019 15:20