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These two GREAT players are presumed to be from different planets and are gods of their own. They are definition of football and they inspire each other to work harder and get better. I am talking about Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi.


After Ronaldo left La Liga, there have been no much competition between two of them. Last month Messi said he missed Ronaldo's rivalry and competition.

The both are world class footballers that any club would love to have. Imagine having them in your team or having a player who has their attributes.

Below are their pictures I used to create a new superstar.

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nice drawing ! 😊

27.09.2019 17:07

Thank you!

28.09.2019 07:53

Excelente obra de arte, es genial la creatividad y la técnica tan distinta que ha usado, me ha gustado mucho los trazos desiguales que hiciste y como al correr el momento ya has convertido las rayas en una obra de arte genial, que gran creatividad y que buen desempeño has venido trayendo en la plataforma. Actualmente la rivalidad de estos dos grandes en el futbol no es lo mismo que temporadas pasadas, quizás el punto frágil que pudo haber pasado será la salida de Cristiano Ronaldo del Real Madrid, aunque es solo una hipótesis de mi parte, pero comparto que ambos son grandes jugadores, con futuros brillantes y aún tienen mucho que dar dentro de la cancha. Están excelentes tus dibujos, trabajaste bastante para llegar a tu resultado final el cual es fascínate, siempre traes cosas diferentes a la plataforma, eso es compromiso y amor contigo y nosotros los lectores. Gracias por compartir.

Saludos y Hala Madrid

27.09.2019 19:36

Glad you were able to figure out my technique is unique. I was just tempted to use mixed colors - since I was used to working with blue alone - and I loved how it came out so I started getting acquainted to it.

The two players are great and so many have been deliberating on who is the best ever since they came surfaced in the world of football. That was about 12 years ago and till now they are still waxing stronger inspiring each other to get better though their competition has dropped since CR7 left.

I know you are big fan of Real Madrid and CR7. Carry on.

28.09.2019 08:04

Increible tuve que ver bien para detallara los dos, pense que era uno solo perohay dos. Me gusta tu tecnica no debe ser lineas perfectas, pero si se ve lo que quieres lograr, que se defina lo que haces.

28.09.2019 11:29

You are right. They shouldn't necessarily be perfect lines as far as the message is conveyed, good.
Thanks for stopping by and sharing to thought.

28.09.2019 15:28

Awesome 😘 love the style with just a pen! Cool good luck 🔥

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28.09.2019 16:38

Thank you for appreciating my style.

28.09.2019 21:42

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Courtesy of @nmalove

28.09.2019 19:33

Thank you!

28.09.2019 21:43

woah... that looks really amazing!!! excellent work @maxwellmarcusart congratulations ;) good luck in the contest.

28.09.2019 21:27

Thank you. Good luck to you too.

28.09.2019 21:44