Tear Drop - A Ralistic Pen Drawing


Hello Steemains!

Today, I brought to you a new pen drawing. This time, I tried to depict a hyperrealistic eye and a tear rolling down the chick.

The eyelashes and eyebrows can be clearly seen as well as the dropping tear.

The work took me a lot of time to create and I finally got what I wanted.

Step 1

I made my sketch

Step 2

I started from the darker areas to add tones. I also worked on the dropping tear

Step 3

I worked on the eyes

Step 4

I completed it by working on the eyebrows and other darker parts.

Here is a close shot of the eye.

I hope you enjoyed it
Thank you.

Comments 6

Really love this one, especially the angle! <3

24.12.2019 16:53

Thank you!

25.12.2019 06:34

realistic ~ Real emotion of the sorrow flows over the painting ~ Looking fantastic ~

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25.12.2019 02:07

Thank you friend. I'm glad you like it.

25.12.2019 06:34

an excellent work every day your technique is improving, you can see the softer textures, congratulations friend

27.12.2019 00:03