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New MAXUV Tokens Promo Prices! 6 Days to HF21 - Enjoy EIP With MAXUV!

The new MAXUV token promo continue, with new tokens put on the market at fantastically low prices... for just 6 more days!

MAXUV is a vote bond, similar to MAPX, that is designed to scale up to a very large number of tokens.

As incoming rewards are also powered up as SP, the MAXUV token also increases in value.

Tokens are normally priced at 1 STEEM each and that will remain their par price.

Please read the MAXUV launch post.

Also worth reading these two recent posts about using MAXUV tokens to prepare for the drop in author rewards with the coming EIP and HF21.
New MAXUV Tokens Promo Prices! 8 Days to HF21. Advice on How to Handle these Dark Days.
More Advice on How to Handle these Dark Days. 7 Days to HF21. New MAXUV Tokens Promo Prices!.

Today has been a very good day so far, with sales of almost 2,000 MAXUV tokens. Thank you!

But please note very carefully that the minimum MAXUV balance is 10 tokens; anything less is dust.

Today's lowest priced tokens have already been snapped up, but plenty left below our standard price of 1 STEEM.

So what are you waiting for?!

Go to the MAXUV market now!

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