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More Advice on How to Handle these Dark Days. 7 Days to HF21. New MAXUV Tokens Promo Prices!

Yesterday I wrote about the need to keep posting and earning on Steem, even during these dark days - especially during these times.

The reason for doing so is that you are actually earning more STEEM now than even one month ago. Accumulating that STEEM during this winter of discontent means that when the price does rise you will have many more coins and thus a higher profit.

The most important thing that drives the Steem blockchain is activity. But not just any kind of activity; there is only one activity that generates and distributes rewards - voting.

Steem's coin-creation rate (usually called the inflation rate) is algorithmically set to slowly decrease over time and is currently at about 8.5% per annum.

But those newly minted STEEM coins are not evenly distributed among STEEM holders. The vast majority of coins go to holders of vested STEEM - powered-up SP - and most of those go to active posters and commenters.

If you stop posting, you stop earning. Those coins either remain in the reward pool or are distributed to people who are still posting.

If you stop voting, you stop earning. Your curation rewards will be zero and the people you may normally upvote get lower rewards.

Without vested STEEM upvoting something your SP will sit there languishing at 100% voting power.

This is not good for you, your Steem friends or the Steem blockchain. As activity decreases, the reward pool rises and as it rises it increases the value of your upvote. That's why it is possible to earn more now than during much of this year.

Even if you just set up some passive income sources, you still have to actively set them up. You could delegate to a tribe or community, delegate to passive income sources such as MAPR and MAPXV.

Tokens are normally priced at 1 STEEM each and that will remain their benchmark price after this promotion.

So what are you waiting for?!

Go to the MAXUV market now!

Enjoy EIP with MAXUV!

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