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MAXUV Vote Bond Token Launch - Up To 200% Votes Per Post Plus Profits Compounded Will Increase Price

The vote bond concept has evolved from the experimental MAPX, to the popular MAPXV, to the new vastly expanded MAXUV.

MAXUV is an open-ended vote bond that yields a maximum of one 200% upvote per day.

As with MAPX, your MAXUV token is also an investment and can be freely bought and sold on the Steem Engine DEX.

With author rewards set to drop after HF21, MAXUV is designed to give content creators some protection against such loss of income.

Let me go through some basic details as a Q&A session.

What is MAXUV?

MAXUV is a tradeable token on the Steem Engine DEX. It is designed to give significantly higher upvotes to the token holders than the equivalent SP and can later be sold back to the market.

We call MAXUV tokens "vote bonds" because the "interest" is given out as upvotes while also preserving, or increasing, their price.

What upvotes do I get?

One MAXUV token entitles the holder to 0.1% voting weight for one upvote per day.

So if you hold 420 MAXUV tokens, you will receive the equivalent of a 42% upvote on one post.

The minimum holding that generates upvotes is 1
MAUV tokens.

he mmaximum holding that generates upvotes is 2,000 MAXUV tokens, equivalent to one 200% pvote.

You may hold more than 2,000 MAXUV for investment or trading but the vote is capped a 200%.

You may, of course, hold fewer than 10 MAXUV tokens to accumulate or trade, but you will not receive any upvotes. We will lower this when we reach 100k SP.

You willl see upvotes starting after a day or less.

Do I need to stake MAXUV tokens?

No, there is no staking available, and no delegation possible. It is a very simple buy, hold and sell token.

However, to avoid gaming the system, upvotes will start after about a day. As you do not have to wait for any unstaking period at the end, you will have to wait a few hours at the start for the upvotes to begin. Any changes to the number of tokens you hold will also take a day to be processed.

**Why have I not received an upvote, I hold some MAXUV tokens?

Firstly, only one post per day per user is upvoted. A day is defined as a calendar day starting every midnight using UTC time. It is therefore possible that in your timezone you may have posted one evening and then the following morning, but the times fell within one UTC day. Please check the times of your posts.

If you have recently bought your tokens, the first upvote will arrive in about 24 hours. As mentioned elsewhere, this is to avoid gaming the system and is much faster at the end than staking.

The third possibility is that there are technical problems; these things happen. Token holders will be amply compensated for any lost time with extra upvotes, but it is worth waiting to see that the issues have been truly resolved. I shall keep all members updated with posts if and when such problems arise.

How can you generate a 200% upvote?

The upvotes are split across different accounts, hence the total is up to 200% but obviously each individual vote must be at or below 100%.

How are upvotes calculated?

What is important for the MAXUV token holder is that the amount of an upvote - the rewards - are equal to the stated percentage upvote.

If you hold 420 MAXUV tokens, you will receive as a minimum upvotes worth 42% of your holdings as if they were your SP. However, your MAXUV upvotes will be coming from a much larger fund. This means you will not see the number "42%" in an upvote but, and this is fundamental, the actual rewards you will be earning will be higher than if you had powered up the cost of your tokens.

This has already been the experience of MAPX and MAPXV token holders. The upvotes they receive from those tokens are far higher than they could generate from powering up the cost of their tokens as their own SP.

So that members remain fully aware of this, we shall be publishing two parameters for the MAXUV token: the asset backed value, or ABV; and a Vote Value, or VV.

What does ABV mean?

The asset backed value (ABV) of the MAXUV token is the total value of the fund, including both SP and other token holdings, divided by the total number of tokens sold and in circulation. The ABV is essentially the average value of each MAXUV token in STEEM.

An ABV of, for example, 1.2 means that each token is worth a minimum of 1.2 STEEM based on the capital within the MAXUV fund. The ABV will rise slowly in value as rewards come in and also if the sale price increases. At launch, the MAXUV token has an ABV of 1.0.

What does VV mean?

The most significant value in a MAXUV token is in its power to deliver above-average upvotes. The Vote Value (VV) is a calculation we perform to show our members in one simple number the power of our upvotes.

A VV above 1.0 means that you are receiving upvotes that are larger than what you would get if you used the token cost to power up your own SP.

The absolute value of an upvote is its value in STEEM. You see this as dollar-rewards but when you are paid out you receive a mixture of SP, STEEM and SBD. The STEEM generated by every upvote involves many factors, some global to the blockchain and some personal. The personal factors are your voting SP, the voting power VP that you have left and the weight of your vote. Putting all these together, you can even calculate your own VV for your account.

For MAXUV, our VV calculation has one extra parameter, which is the current price of our token. The higher the price you paid for your MAXUV token, the greater the expected upvote; and this is indeed the case. As an example, our MAPX token has been operating for some 3 months and at one point had a VV of about 3.5; this meant token holders were getting 3.5 times the upvotes they could themselves generate. Now it is at about 1.2; still great value but not fantastical.

The VV for MAXUV at launch is set at 1.10. This is due to the seed delegation of 10,000 SP to start the fund going. This value of VV will rise as more tokens are sold, it will also fall slightly as VP drops due to upvotes, and we adjust our global weightings so that users are always getting the best possible value.

How do I buy MAXUV tokens?

Just go to the MAXUV market on Steem Engine where you can buy and sell our tokens.

Note that we have set a sell-wall at just 1 STEEM and will only let the price rise once the market has matured and as our SP grows.

**What do you do with the STEEMP used to buy MAXUV tokens?

The vast majority is converted to STEEM and then powered up to SP. Less than 10% may be used to invest in other tokens that may bring long term benefits, such as upvotes to our posts.

That SP is needed to power all the upvotes we distribute.

Will you buy back my tokens when I wish to sell them?

The Steem Engine DEX is a market for trading tokens, it is not a shop or a pawnbroker, so although we cannot guarantee to buy back MAXUV tokens there will be other people willing to buy them at the right price.

Part of the 10% holding within the DEX is to buy back some tokens but we cannot guarantee the price. One other mechanism we have is to initiate power-downs for one or more of our accounts in cases where we see a large token-holding being sold. As you all know, these take time to process so please be patient. The MAXUV fund is backed by STEEM assets; it's just a matter of following the available processes to release funds if and when we need to.

Note that MAXUV is also a part of the broader family of MAP Steem FinTech programs and other accounts may well be buying tokens.

I have more questions!

Then please ask them below in a comment. If it is something of general interest that I have forgotten to include above, then I shall edit this document.

Have a fine day!


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