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MAXUV Report: HF21 Behaviour & Updates - 30 August 2019

These posts will be almost-daily, the key data being an update of our current Vote Value.
More detailed weekly accounts will be posted on Sundays.

So let's start with the VVS.

Just as in MAPX, the Vote Value per STEEM (VVS) is the size of the upvotes received compared to what you would get if the STEEM invested in MAXUV tokens was instead powered up as SP.

Today's VVS is 189% in 2 upvotes on 2 posts.

What that means is that you are getting almost twice the daily upvotes from MAXUV as you would from self-voting your own SP ten times per day.

Our aim remains to have a VVS of 150-200% for 1 upvote on 1 post per day. This will happen as we accumulate more SP through both token sales and powered up rewards.

The vote weight is the same for everybody, whether you hold 20 tokens or 2000.

The vote value in STEEM obviously rises in proportion to your tokens.

To keep the program stable, upvotes are currently capped at 2000 MAXUV tokens. This may increase in the future.

With the added bonus that you don't even need to power down - just sell your tokens whenever you want.

MAXUV is not really an upvote-service as there is no fee to pay in exchange for votes. Instead, we have called it a vote-bond because it works in a similar way to traditional bonds in that you receive "interest" as votes but you can also sell your tokens at any time, often at a profit.

Even if you don't post, you can hold MAXUV as a stable token. In the medium term the price of MAXUV will remain at 1 STEEM. It will only start to rise if our underlying assets - our SP - become much larger than the tokens we are voting on.

Also note that the basis for our calculations has not been affected by voting changes due to HF21. This is because we base our value on the votes relative to what a member's own SP would achieve. Sure, author rewards have dropped, but our relative value remains the same. Indeed, increased curation rewards will mean that our SP may grow more quickly. This has a positive feedback in that our upvotes will then also increase as will be based on a higher voting SP.

But please note very carefully that the minimum MAXUV balance is 10 tokens; anything less is dust and under HF21 are even more worthless than before, if that's possible.

So what are you waiting for?!

Enjoy EIP with MAXUV!

Go to the MAXUV market now!

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